Clinic Stories

Robin Marty proposes to do in-depth investigative reporting on the stresses on family planning clinics.

Clinic Stories is a 12 part series that will look at 12 different clinics or cities in the country, telling the history of legal abortion through location and the people inside and outside it.

Each Clinic Story will be an intensely researched, longform article anywhere between 5000 and 10,000 words, detailing the history of the clinic and its role in the movement, tracking laws that it has challenged, protesters it has faced, anti-abortion and pro-abortion rights groups that have worked for it or against it, and where it fits into the greater history of the last four decades of the abortion rights movement. It will include interviews with current and former workers, escorts and even those who have worked to shut those clinics down.

Robin is writer with a fine track record who has been fighting for abortion rights for years, and this should be a very good addition to our knowledge. She’s looking for support — this is going to take time and effort to do well — so she’s asking for donations. Help her out, it will be worth the investment.


  1. Gerard O says

    This sounds worthy but even reading twelve articles on abortion clinics would be too much for me. You’d have to be Teflon coated for this project.

  2. says


    Can’t wait to hear about fetuses ripped to bloody shreds.

    Can’t say I’m concerned for fetuses. I prefer my concern for human rights to be centered on autonomous human beings. I’m looking forward to hearing stories about women exercising their right to bodily autonomy.

  3. says


    Can’t wait to hear about fetuses ripped to bloody shreds.

    I’m looking forward to more stories like those on and the stories of all those who have the courage to keep fighting for the right of women to autonomy.