The next step in our descent

We’ve already got the right wingers outright denying science. They couldn’t get any worse, could they? Have we hit bottom yet? No. They could be accepting the evidence for all the wrong reasons. Expect this to be the new normal for the far right in a few years.

Christian Post blogger Michael Bresciani writes this week that changes in the climate are indeed taking place, but not due to human activities such as fossil fuel emissions. Instead, he says extreme weather is the result of “homosexuality, abortion [and] general sexual preoccupation,” which according to Bresciani is bringing about the End Times and the coming of the Antichrist.

I hope it’s a few years. But you never know — with the midterm elections coming up, the Republicans may embrace it as a winning strategy.


  1. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    All the right-wing theocrats could promise never to discuss or even think about sex again to help the rest of us average out to something more acceptable. A theocratic aversion to discussing sex would, I believe, lead to a substantial improvement in climate.

  2. knowknot says

    None of this is a surprise, given their outright statements that “metaphysical” effects/causes are, in terms of “science,” equal to “materialistic” effects/causes.
    And I do think it will get worse in the new future, with the swell new pope’s fondness for possession and such as one (not necessarily the only) driver.
    Since previous popes seem to have played down this sort of thing, it will be interesting to see if Protestant Fundamentalists and Roman Catholics get into a “we have better demon vision than you” contest. THAT would be LOADS of fun.

  3. ironchew says

    One of the frightening things about religious nuts is that they seem to want to wreck our planet as a precondition for their imagined reward in the hereafter. I’m not convinced that we can ever get members of a death cult on board with reversing AGW.

  4. Menyambal says

    Homosexuality kinda reduces the number of abortions, and if homosexuals could get married, they’d get bored with sex like married people are supposed to, and two of your problems would be gone. So support same-sex marriage for the sake of the planet.

    Oh, and if people who were preoccupied with sex were getting to have sex, they wouldn’t be out polluting the planet with overcompensations to impress. So arrange more sex, Mister B. Or is that the coming of the Antichrist?

  5. numerobis says

    general sexual preoccupation

    Those preoccupied with sex certainly do emit a lot of hot air. Glad I’m just occupied with it.

  6. Pierce R. Butler says

    Bresciani: the perfect soulmate for that Imam who inspired Boobquake by explaining how women dressing so that any of their skin could be seen leads to earthquakes.*

    The two of them could set up a seismometerological prediction service which would put mere instrument-based geologists and weathercasters out of business within a year.

    * By provoking lustful thoughts in men, of course – mere females don’t have that kind of power themselves, y’know.

  7. haitied says

    I never understood the aversion to the coming of the Anti-Christ. Isn’t that exactly what they want?

  8. says

    Maybe if those danged heathens used more lube during their evil, evil activities they’d not be generating as much heat and affecting the climate?

  9. lochaber says

    All the heavy breathing during sex is increasing O2 consumption and CO2 production, leading to global warming?

  10. mikeyb says

    For fun I was reading and you tubing some conservative Christian reviews and sermons on the evils of the new Noah movie. Almost without exception they rail against the evils of “the environmentalist agenda” portrayed in the movie. It’s crazy but to be a true Christian in many circles it apparently is a requirement to actively route for exploiting the earth as much as possible and against any environmental protections whatsoever, else you will be accused of being a pagan gaia earth worshipper. I was even surprised how extreme some of these guys have gotten these days.

  11. moarscienceplz says

    Apparently, God just can’t write a screenplay these days to live up to His early successes. Instead of a pillar of fire, plagues of frogs, and parting the Red Sea, we get:

    And Lo, the Lord did increase the temperature o’er all the world, by fractions of a degree per year, with occasional backsliding. And the white bears of the northern lands didst find somewhat diminished floes of ice from one year to the next. The sins of wicked men were repaid by tornadoes and drought and floods, but only in some of the lands, often in the regions called the Belt of the Bible, whilst others amongst the wicked didst enjoy pleasant sunny days sipping Chardonnay on their porches.

  12. unclefrogy says

    @14 I think that they get through the day by being angry and frustrated that everything is just not going the way they think it should . it is all about them,after all
    uncle frogy

  13. militantagnostic says


    I never understood the aversion to the coming of the Anti-Christ. Isn’t that exactly what they want?

    I for one don’t want to get any of that on me or any of Jeusus’ second coming either.


    I’m not convinced that we can ever get members of a death cult on board with reversing AGW.

    There was a consortium of Evangelical churches that took AGW seriously (I think Ted “completely heterosexual” Haggard was part of it). I heard an interview with the head of that organization. He considered the Fundamentalists as a lost cause as they were immune to reason. He considered AGW to be a greater evil than abortion since it would kill more people* and was willing to make make common cause with liberal christians and atheists for that reason.

    *for a sufficiently broad definition of “people”.

  14. yubal says

    Meh. That guy has no clue. God doesn’t care for homosexuals unless they refuse to pass on his divinely chosen bloodline to the next generation. (See onan in the bible)

    God makes global warming happen because Americans feast on the flesh of the swine, especially those crispy fried belly cuts they devour for breakfast and any other opportunity.

    Yeah. Christians eating bacon, that makes god angry.

  15. azhael says

    Some comedian somewhere said that what this means is that all we have to do is to strategically possition same-sex attracted people and all droughts and famine will be gone forever.
    You are welcome, world.

  16. Bernard Bumner says

    But…but…how come god keeps throwing tornadoes at Red states?

    You’ve seen a toddler throwing a tantrum? They just lash out…

  17. Louis says

    Look LIBRULZ you have no clue. Obviously Teh Ghey Secks™ and sundry sexual activities causes global warming, it’s obvious why. Friction, people. Friction.

    Global warming can be stopped by the judicious application of lube.

    You heard it here first.


  18. Thumper: Who Presents Boxes Which Are Not Opened says

    A theocratic aversion to discussing sex would, I believe, lead to a substantial improvement in climate.

    It might also lead to a distinct lack of knowledge regarding the logistics of procreation, which would in turn lead to a vast improvement in the gene pool. It’s win-win.

  19. says

    They have a point if they say that sex is the cause of global warming. If previous generations hadn’t done so much of it, the population would be a lot smaller and we’d be doing a lot less damage.
    However they’ve really screwed up when it comes to gay sex, contraception and abortion. Those should all good things from that perspective.

  20. Ysidro says

    Oh, this isn’t new. Heck, a right wing radio show claiming a homosexual event in New Orleans is what caused Hurricane Katrina to swamp it is what got me to stop listening to what right wing radio shows say.

  21. reasoningbeing says

    Actually, my eighty year-old mom suggested to me a year and a half ago that climate change was god’s response to atheism and homosexuality. I was stunned. She went from disbelieving global warming to accepting it and then using it to scapegoat two groups to which I belong. This has to be going around quite a bit in her circles. I expect more of this scapegoating from this crowd as environmental stresses exacerbate.

  22. anteprepro says

    I believe I recall from previous posts:

    Catholics hate superstition, but DEMONS OMG
    Wingnuts are superstitious in their belief that global warming is punishment for the sin of CO2 emission.

    And now we have wingnuts believing in global warming because it is punishment for doing sex wrong.

    Superstition: It doesn’t count when right-wingers do it!

  23. iain says

    If homosexual activity is generating enough energy to overheat the planet, clearly gays are having way too much fun, and us straight folk are doing things wrong.

  24. says

    Another reason to take climate change seriously.

    […] The team, led by Samuel Myers, a research scientist at Harvard’s Department of Environmental Health, grew a variety of grains and legumes in plots in the US, Japan, and Australia. They subjected one set to air enriched with CO2 at concentrations ranging from 546 and 586 parts per million—levels expected to be reached in around four decades; the other set got ambient air at today’s CO2 level, which recently crossed the 400 parts per million threshold.

    The results: a “significant decrease in the concentrations of zinc, iron, and protein” for wheat and rice, a Harvard press release on the study reports. For legumes like soybeans and peas, protein didn’t change much, but zinc and iron levels dropped. For wheat, the treated crops saw zinc, iron, and protein fall by 9.3 percent, 5.1 percent, and 6.3 percent, respectively. […]