1. Callinectes says

    Oh, wow. If I ever get anything I’ve written narrated by Aron Ra, I’ll die happy. Probably on the same day.

  2. buffybot says

    Well, shitsticks, Audible won’t sell outside the USA. So many times they’ve led me on, only to tell me to bugger off when my credit card is found to be foreign.

    grouch grouch mutter

  3. mond says


    Have just downloaded ‘The Happy Atheist’ from Audible in the UK.
    Not sure about the phoney Texan accent PZ is using in the narration ;-)

  4. Oenotrian says

    Dammit! I knew I should have waited.

    Now you get my money twice. Not that that’s a bad thing.

    buffybot, I know your pain. I’m still waiting for Audible U.S. to let me buy Terry Pratchett’s latest book.

  5. AtheistPilgrim says

    Just downloaded my copy from, although not without some difficulty. Can’t understand why Amazon/Audible made it such a struggle. I needed extra software, so they said, to d/l it via iTunes for my iPod. This required careful navigation of one of those “free software” sites that want to run “tests” because surely my computer is “so slow”. However, it finally arrived through iTunes and is already on the iPod. Seriously looking forward to listening to PZ via Aron Ra! Melbourne, Australia.