We’re getting up there

The FtB cancer fundraiser has picked your pockets for $6352 so far. Did you all have a payday on the first of the month? Feel like kicking in a little more?

If the Republicans got you furloughed from your job, I’m sorry, we can wait for them to get their butts kicked by the court of public opinion so you can get back to work.

P.S. The Skepchicks are gaining on us. Maybe I need to start trolling MRA sites to get them to give money to a Man, ‘stead of those chicks.


  1. PDX_Greg says

    I don’t think MRA’s think they have any money to contribute anyway. Remember, they are MRA’s because they are victims of being put upon by the factions that fail to perceive their Y-chromosomal superiority. Thus, no matter their financial standing, they have been denied the true opportunity and wealth and success that they and their penises are entitled to by birthright, and anything they have gathered is thus only the pittance that they have been able to desperately claw from this militantly anti-male society.

  2. PDX_Greg says

    Ugh. Sorry for the apostrophe abuse in my previous post. For some reason, I can’t shake my odd tendency to “apostroph” plural forms of acronyms. I will slam my brain with a hammer once again.