1. Brother Yam says

    “If we think the world looks like how we see it.”

    I’m glad I’ve got a weekend to digest that one…

  2. Rich Woods says


    I wish I could camouflage myself so well. I’d go to work every day and blend into the background by looking just like a bloke sitting at a desk, tapping away on a computer. No-one would ever suspect.

  3. Cosmas says

    the vid says the Octopus can’t see color. And wikipedia says they can see light polarization. They can still match color when camouflaged tho. I thought color was a function of the wavelength & polarization is about the plane in which the wave travels. so are they detecting color under water because each color has a certain polarized signature???

  4. sonofrojblake says

    Epically brilliant video, but how irritating is that they

    change narrators in the middle of a sentence?

    Not just once, but

    over and over again?

    Why was that necessary?