1. Lithified Detritus says

    Bill Nye is awesome. I heard him speak at NSTA last year in Indianapolis – a really interesting talk about his family, and his father’s (and now also his) fascination with sundials. Cool stuff.

    And 20 years later, the kids still love him.

  2. Kengi says

    From the NYT article the video came from:

    “I hope to be able to touch the hem of his lab coat, so he could cure me of my stupid.”

  3. Rip Steakface says

    I just love the bit where he’s on Fox News and utterly shuts down that guy by talking about Venus. The look on the interviewer’s face is priceless.

  4. phere says

    I truly love this man. My child will grow up with him as I did. Imagine a world with more people like him in it than not. I believe we would have a rational, loving, safe, clean world (well, maybe not “clean” but certainly getting better rather than worse). He is one of those people, in my opinion, like Douglas Adams and Chris Hitchens, whom (who?) will leave behind a giant, unique shaped whole when he passes that will never be filled by anyone else. Luckily he appears very healthy (his skin is beautiful – goodness!) so we might have him a while yet. Sadly, as a whole, we probably won’t realize the scope of his contributions while he is still here. I hope to never take him for granted and I keep my eye on him :)

  5. says

    I’m of an age to have first watched Bill Nye with my kids. I never realized what a fandom he has among the younger generation until the local university science students brought him here for a talk last spring — they kept selling out and having to get a bigger venue; the event wound up feeling like a friggin’ rock concert, except all the fans are wearing lab coats and bow ties ;-). The talk sounds like the same as mentioned in #1, all about sundials. I thought it was great the way he managed to bring it home by pointing out that the ancients, using not much more equipment than that, managed to figure out the basics of astronomy.

  6. helenaconstantine says

    But there’s an anonymous accusation on tumblr that Nye once grabbed a woman’s ass. How dare you promote him here!

  7. markdowd says

    “We made it in a warehouse in Seattle!”

    Production values, once they reach the level of “good enough”, don’t mean anything. What moved people was not flashy booms, but your passion, which was, and I think still is, unmatched.

    I <3 B.N. ^_^

  8. says

    @helenaconstantine #9
    Because, contrary to what some people will tell you, we’re not mindless, lockstep, hivemind, auhoritarian feminazis out to destroy anyone who disagrees with us on any subject whatsoever.

    Bill Nye has done some great stuff. He may also have done some creepy shit. This is not a contradiction and recognizing one doesn’t deny the other.

  9. badboybotanist says

    LykeX @11,

    You might want to get your sarcasm gauge checked. Pretty sure it should have spiked on helenaconstantine’s comment @9.

  10. carlie says

    if helenaconstantine’s comment was sarcastic, it was unfortunately poorly aimed. Sure, the anonymous tumblr thing has very little apparent merit, but there’s a lot of documented stuff in the media about his contentious relationship with his ex-wife that is troublesome (I’m pretty squicked out by how he set up a huge “surprise wedding” and sprung it on her, for instance). He’s done great things for science education, but I don’t have a clue about how he is in person and I wouldn’t automatically dismiss claims of him being a jerk any more than I would for anyone else I didn’t know.

  11. David Marjanović says

    he set up a huge “surprise wedding” and sprung it on her


    (I remembered somebody famous had done that, but not who. Ew.)