Diversity building at Coyot.es Network

USA HDR 2012-08-10 (12)

I’ve been in work and personal overload lately, and I apologize for not annoying people here nearly as frequently as I’d like. The work overload, at least, will likely lift soon. In the meantime, I wanted to pass something along about an opportunity for biodiversity-oriented bloggers. It’s below the fold. For you non-fold-looking-under Hordelings, here are some cuddly cacti:

Coyot.es Network is inviting women and bloggers of color to check us out and consider joining us. We’ve put out a quiet call last week asking for new bloggers interested in joining the Network, and will have some announcements on that front soon. But we’re starting to drift a little from the (relative) gender and ethnic diversity with which we started out, and that reminds us we need to pay attention to targeted recruiting to make sure we offer as full a range of voices as possible.

In other words, we want to maximize the gender, racial-ethnic, and geographical diversity among our bloggers. Might you or someone you know be a part of that work? Check us out and see if you think we might be a good fit.

Who would you be joining? In alphabetical order by blog:



  1. moarscienceplz says

    Hi Chris!
    Just this morning I was trying to figure out how to hold a virtual mirror to your nostrils. I did go to Coyote Crossing and saw newish posts, so I figured you weren’t dead yet. Or else you were, but someone stole your computer and kept posting. ;-)

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Cuddly cactus? Know all about that. Caren Cacti is still growing in the lab, an office warming present from the Redhead.

  3. Ogvorbis: ArkRanger of Doom! says

    Cuddly cacti? Fair waring — the ones that look fuzzy? They aren’t.

  4. bad Jim says

    Nitpick: does a group organized around an American mammal belong in the Spanish domain?

  5. autumn says

    Cuddly catcti? I will hug him and squeeze him and call him. . . Ow, shit fuck ass!

  6. parrotfish says

    And all of those .SE domains are solely about Sweeden.

    You know, I’m pretty sure there’s a site about goats on that domain…

  7. krubozumo says

    So that would be Cylindropuntia cholla I presume? A plant with whom I have some intimate memories.

    Wickedly sharp spines on those little buds that fall to the ground. Never mind having to bushwhack trough a cholla garden to get down off a crag in the Sandias.

    I don’t know if I could join your blog roll or not, First of all I have no blog, but I am geographically and
    perhaps ethnically diverse enough.

    Pleased to see you have posted again. That Myers he’s all in to those squishy slimey things, I am
    more a crystal kind of guy. 8-)

  8. marcoli says

    Ah, Cholla cactus. The two plants I most admire are dandelions for their many adaptations to thrive, and cholla cactus for its ability to kick your butt for just getting close to one. I both admire and respect the cholla.