1. PSG (pharmscigrad) says

    Hahaha… Yeah chigau (違う), I’ve been enjoying the sound of the crickets myself.

  2. FossilFishy(Anti-Vulcanist, with a perchant for pachyderm punditry) says

    [points at chigau and PSG]


  3. FossilFishy(Anti-Vulcanist, with a perchant for pachyderm punditry) says


    [doubles over, coughs up a half chewed wad of peas]

    Hey folks, waves and reciprocal hugs to all.

  4. Beatrice (looking for a happy thought) says

    *hugs* for Dalillama, Portia, Ogvorbis, WMDKitty… Did I forget anyone? *hugs* for you too

  5. ednaz says

    No worries, chigau (違う)
    The red light came on and I destroyed every last pod person! They’re not getting anyone I care about!!

  6. ednaz says

    I do not always comment, but I read every day and it seems like The Entire Horde could use a hug. So *hugs* and *gentle pats on the shoulder* for anyone who wants one.

  7. PSG (pharmscigrad) says

    Thanks ednaz! I will take one and send some back your way if you’d like.

  8. Beatrice (looking for a happy thought) says

    My good old University forum is having a God discussion and atheists are wiping the floor with the Christians. I’m so proud. I would join in, but I haven’t posted since finishing the Uni in 2011 (that was so long ago?!).

  9. ednaz says

    Attempting to Catch Up A Little

    rq, (From Way Back) It was very fun to see the pictures of your House! Because, House!
    I love the hedge! (can you tell I’m a private person? : ) ) And you have a Yard! And when I saw the pictures of the little ones – SQUEE!
    I look forward to spring and hearing (maybe even seeing) about your 55 roses.
    And CAT is safe. Yay! (Sorry, I don’t know what his/her current name is.)

    FossilFishy, House pictures! Yay! And hooray for busy bee boots that really do make little one run faster! Hee-hee!

    Giliell, I saved this until I could send a note to you.

    cute kids story:
    Actually, amazing kids story.
    Today we talked about the (geographical) end of the world. I said “well, the world is a spehere, it doesn’t actually have an end”, but #1 gave me a different argument: The world has lots and lots of ends, hundreds and thousand, very, very, very many of them. Because, you see, the world is a spehere and has a centre. And then you go outwards until the world ends.
    I never looked at it like that, because I always followed the conventional “flat earth end of world” conventions. I told her that I find it a very good and interesting idea that hadn’t occurred to me so far.

    This is wonderful. #1 is brilliant and insightful and I really enjoy the stories you share. The way you are so involved is just wonderful also. (again : ) ). There are many awesome parents and aunts and uncles in The Horde. You are one of them.
    Thank You for being one of them.

    Glodson, Your laugh is far more important (and better) than a frown of disapproval. *thumbsup*
    I am not saying you frown in disapproval (how would I know?) I’m just saying your laugh is better. : )
    Thank You, too, for being on the awesome list.

    Forgive me, I can’t remember who else said they laugh when they’re not supposed to.

    My Hoodlum has asked me to proofread. I’ll be back. : )

  10. says

    Random funny thought, I’m stoned, this is probably going to make no sense whatsoever, but I got this mental image of, uh, fuckin’ Robin, you know, the Boy Wonder, like, reading up on scarab beetles — they were considered sacred, all symbolic with the rolling a ball of shit = rolling the sun across the sky, representation of Ra, all that jazz — anyway, Robin, reading this and saying, “Holy shitballs, Batman!”

    *fit of giggles*

  11. says


    I laugh at things I really, really, really shouldn’t laugh at.

    Like funerals.

    X-ist jokes. (Admittedly, it’s an uncomfortable laugh, and I can think of one racist joke that’s funny because it’s true and it illuminates something unpleasant about society. I won’t post it here without Moderator Approval.)

    Other peoples’ misfortune, but only if it’s ironic or especially fitting. There are some Bad Things* that shouldn’t be joked about or laughed at.
    * “Things” includes actions, objects, and entities**.
    ** Said “entities” include, but are not limited to Old Ones, Elder Gods, and Eldritch Abominations.
    *** I will not speak Their names, because you do not want Their attention.

  12. says

    Good morning
    There is snow
    I don’t want any more snow in March. The last years wintr definetly moved foreward in time: warm November and December and then a cold wave in February and snow around easter…

    Hugs all around, especially to Dalillama, Kitty and Portia

    Back to that idiot gun nut proposal. (TW)
    It’s not only that you’Re supposed to shoot somebody you most likely know and trust and even love, it’s also that the moment you realize that they don’t care about your consent you’ll be physically unable to get a gun. I mean, even if I had a gun, I would surely not have it in my hand, loaded and ready to shoot when sitting on the couch with Mr. watching a movie. And of course I’d be a horrible feminazi who thinks that all men are rapists and who won’t even trust her husband to watch a movie with her without himraping her.

  13. ednaz says


    *** I will not speak Their names, because you do not want Their attention.

    Thank You for that.

    I was thinking about the times when you’re not supposed to laugh when a little one is saying something they shouldn’t. : )

  14. PSG (pharmscigrad) says

    I laugh at the ernestnest (probably not a word) of kidrens (definitely not a word) when they say many of the things they say because I find it funny, but I find it funny usually because most adults are baffled. I am typically not baffled as I tend to agree with the young people when it comes to those sorts of things. Grown ups are very strange sometimes and I very often look around wondering when they’re going to realize that I am actually not one of them.

    WMDKitty A shitrolling beetle? O.o Just when I think I’ve heard everything…

  15. bluentx says

    re: Laughing at things kids say/do.

    Sometimes it’s not laughing (until later when you’re alone) that is most amusing.
    When my son was about 10 y/o we went shopping for a gift to give someone else. I don’t even remember what it was but I do know that it was temptation itself. I knew G would not be able to resist messing with it/playing with it.
    We get home. I go to make lunch. G stays in the room with IT.
    A few minutes go by. Complete and total silence from the other room*
    I call out, “G, leave the (what-cha-ma-doodle) alone!”
    Thirty seconds later he’s standing in the doorway.
    “How did you know?”
    Able to keep a straight face (not easy), I looked him in the eye and said, “Mother’s know everything.”
    He blinked a few times, mulled that over and finally said, “Riiiight, Mom” and went back in to watch Cartoon Network.
    But he had to think about it…

    *A sure sign that something is going on!.

  16. blf says

    My good old University forum is having a God discussion and atheists are wiping the floor with the Christians.

    There are much better ways of cleaning the floor, which don’t smell so bad and don’t leave behind a sticky residue.


    Worshipping a fucking beetle.

    At least beetles exist. And are not known to require tithes, total obedience, and the killing / enslavement / raping of strangers and fools who don’t worship beetles.

    The beetle’s position on peas and horses is not clear, however.

  17. says

    I just had to remove half an Inch of solid ICE from my car. WTF?

    kids, laughing and mischief
    The rule around here is “go to the kitchen for laughing”. You know, when they do something where, for educational purposes, you have to remain earnest.
    How do I know the little one is up to mischief?
    She usually closes the door of whatever room I’m in and tells me to stay inside. Hey, if I don’t stay in there I break the rules….

  18. Lofty says


    Worshipping a fucking beetle.

    When you are drowning in cattle shit dung beetles are really welcome.
    Australian farmers/cattle ranchers pay for dung beetles.
    Definitely an organism worthy of worship.

  19. blf says

    I just had to remove half an Inch of solid ICE from my car.

    Yer car is the ice deity. The ice is worshiping it.

  20. Lofty says

    Just… dude… humans will turn just about anything into a god or a symbol of a god.

    Lucky thing we now know better, hey. We can admire them for what they are, scarabs and beetles, pretty and useful.

  21. bluentx says

    Just… dude… humans will turn just about anything into a god or a symbol of a god.

    Yep, like Python worship…

  22. blf says

    We can admire them for what they are, scarabs and beetles, pretty and useful.

    Even Teh Great Sky Faerie has an inordinate fondness for beetles…

  23. blf says

    Python worship

    Hummm… Monty Python as a pantheon… Not too sure about it’s such a good idea. Being squished by a large foot isn’t that appealing. On the other hand, being slapped by a wet fish or learning proper Hungarian does have certain advantages.

  24. blf says

    Not too sure about it’s such a good idea.

    leering too teh rite pooper injrlish ¡z allso an güde ideear,

  25. says

    I’m glabberfasted! My primary school going son, in year 1, in rural Victoria, is learning Chinese. Via a Chinese teacher, via Skype projected onto a TV in the classroom, one word per week. That is soooo cool! He can’t read properly yet or add 3 to 12, but he can say “thank you” in Chinese. Asian century, indeed!

  26. says

    Choose your own pope — with our interactive Pontifficator: “… you can use our interactive to explore their views on issues from contraception to relations with other faiths, peruse their CVs, and choose the man you think is best qualified for the job.”

    Interestingly, only 7(!) of them believe that “contraception is never justified” (sadly many of them from Africa where it would do most good) while all the rest, including all those thought to be serious candidates “believe in contraception to prevent the spread of disease”.
    So, will we see a Pope who “allows” condoms?

    Funny, I somehow thought your son was older than 1st grade…
    Does he speak German as well?

  27. says

    Does he speak German as well?

    No. I don’t see him enough to raise him with 2 languages, sadly. But I have a pet theory. He was a bit late with speaking, developmentally, although his understanding of the English words was always fully there when spoken by someone else, he had some trouble articulating properly. Whereas when we went through German numbers 1-10 just for fun one morning on a car ride to some museum, he managed to get it right and pronounce them 100% spot on in a heartbeat. I wonder whether there is some epigenetic stuff going on in the brain when first generation children in a foreign country learn the local language.

  28. PSG (pharmscigrad) says

    I’m off to get these bloody stents out (finally)… which should (alledgedly) end the reign of pain I’ve been living in for far too long. Not that I don’t love spending all day on here with y’all, but it would be nice to get things a little back to normal/healthy. Here’s hoping my skepticism is unfounded, for a change…

  29. blf says

    [W]ill we see a Pope who “allows” condoms?

    No, because neither Mr Carpenterson nor his flunkies ever bothered with them 2Kyo. And condoms aren’t mentioned in Teh Hole Babble. Also, insisting on using a condom means the slaves women aren’t obeying, and that’s positively heathen. And Gay. And commie. And reduces the supply of children available to the pests priests.

  30. John Morales says


    Here’s hoping my skepticism is unfounded, for a change…

    That depends on your null hypothesis (derived from your knowledge base) and your assessment of the likely prognosis.

    (Cynicism ≠ skepticism)

  31. birgerjohansson says

    “Where to Find Comet PanSTARRS”

    Sky will be mostly cloudy while comet passes by. Next orbit is 5 million years from now. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!
    — — — — — — — —- — — — — — — —

    The closest star system found in a century

    Astronomers conduct first remote reconnaissance of another solar system

  32. birgerjohansson says

    Good news:
    Scientists identify Buphenyl as a possible drug for Alzheimer’s disease

    More good news:
    Protected areas successfully prevent deforestation in Amazon rainforest

    And more…
    “New album from Abba legend Agnetha Fältskog”

    “Swingers’ club record push goes up in flames”

  33. Ogvorbis says

    Sorry I had to bail yesterday.


    I remembered sometimes feeling disappointed that I wasn’t chosen, like I wasn’t good enough, like I had done something wrong, or not done enough. I had forgotten how relieved I felt when he picked someone else while at the same time feeling disappointed. I guess I felt conflicted — why didn’t I get picked? I’m so glad I didn’t get picked?


    Took the car to the shop last night. Oil change, two tyres, and new rear brake pads. $500 bucks. Which is really not that bad. I mean, ouch, but he gave me some good discounts because he knows I come back.

    According to that guy, what I experienced on a near-daily basis “wasn’t really rape”.

    I’m pouring some chocolate into the USB. It should be there within the next [reads the Windows manual] three to four minutes. Or weeks. Seriously, be safe.

    Don’t think I’ll be dropping back in on that particular thread.

    That one got scary.

    I was sexually assaulted last weekend by someone who thought if he just pushed further and further and ignored my “NO”s that I’d cave. Because it had worked before, so why not now?

    And some chocolate to you.


    Worshipping a fucking beetle.

    Spell it Beatles and it makes sense.

    The beetle’s position on peas and horses is not clear, however.

    Horses produce shitloads of, er, shit. Yeah. Manure. And dung beetles eat shit (and, eventually, die). So, though their position on horses is indeterminate, their position on horse manure is well known.

  34. PSG (pharmscigrad) says

    John Morales:
    Well, on one hand, the specialist says this will make the pain decrease dramatically if not vanish. OTOH, everything the specialist has said thus far about pain has been a dramatic understatement of reality. Thus, my null hypothesis is flavored with both experience and cynicism, but unfortunately not enough scientific knowledge of the specific physiological system in question to truly be anything more than personal ancedotes. And we all know the plural of ancedote is not data.

  35. says

    He was a bit late with speaking, developmentally, although his understanding of the English words was always fully there when spoken by someone else, he had some trouble articulating properly.

    Honestly, that’s something I can’t hear people “complain” about anymore. Dunno how it was with your son, but many children speak “late” or “incorrect” as long as they are mostly within their “core family”. Because those people have a habit of not only being much more able to decipher what the child means the same way you’re able to understand people who speak a familiar dialect, but they also are more prone on doing/getting the child what they want through experience and because they are very “cooperative”, so children often have little need to speak more and “properly”. So, once they start kindergarten and have to communicate with people who neither understand their personal lingo nor have time to cater to their every whim they quickly catch up.

    Whereas when we went through German numbers 1-10 just for fun one morning on a car ride to some museum, he managed to get it right and pronounce them 100% spot on in a heartbeat. I wonder whether there is some epigenetic stuff going on in the brain when first generation children in a foreign country learn the local language.

    Well, #1 speaks perfect English, only without any English word (or hardly any). BUt her “pronounciation” and intonation are really good. So, if my failed attempts at bilingual parenting give her a head start in that area, it’s worth it. It also gives me the opportunity to keep her brain occupied until she starts school because she’s going to be really bored there, especially in maths…

  36. FossilFishy(Anti-Vulcanist, with a perchant for pachyderm punditry) says

    Well, #1 speaks perfect English, only without any English word (or hardly any). BUt her “pronounciation” and intonation are really good.

    I remember reading* that this is exactly what early multi-linqual training gives one, the ability to form phonemes that aren’t part of their first language. For instance, I as a native English speaker who didn’t attempt to learn French until I was ten or eleven will never quite be able to sound the French “R”. The same article mentioned that this ability to pick up new phonemes persisted into adulthood making it easier for those folks to learn new languages later in life. Sounds like you’ve done good on that front.

    *How’s that for a cite huh? Oh yes indeedy, I’m a fount of good evidence I am… though in my defence the first great love of my life was a linguist and speech therapist so I was around this kind of stuff a lot.

  37. birgerjohansson says

    Hope you are feeling OK Hugs, if you want them.
    — — — — — — — — — — —
    I am sorry for your friend’s experiences.
    I grew up in a cat-infested house. Since it was made of wood, mice would occasionally try to colonise it, ending in a massacre. Cats don’t mess about ( I keep Current Feline Boss indoors to make the world safer for the birds).
    — — — — — — — —
    Worshipping “The Silver Beatles”?
    — — — — — — — — —
    If human slime in slymepit admitted to rape, is there any federal police agency that might track him down?

  38. opposablethumbs says

    Living in an English-speaking environment, we decided to bring up the Spawn in Spanish as much as possible. So when #1 started kindergarten she didn’t really speak much English at all – only a few words; took a very short time (maybe months? Maybe a lot less? I don’t remember, but I do remember thinking it was fast) to catch up completely. It’s so fast at that age …

    #2, on the other hand, who has severe language delay and disorder, showed pretty much exactly the same delay, disorder and the same progress in both languages simultaneously, even though all his speech therapy sessions were in English. A lot of people tried to dissuade us from using Spanish with him, thinking it was an extra burden, but I think that simultaneous progress we observed suggests they were wrong; he never had a problem learning “another language” (which I suspect is how they thought of it in terms of their own experience) and in fact often had “advanced” vocabulary; his problem was with the underlying structures of language. Like we used to try to explain it to people, for him language was a foreign language. It’s not immediately noticeable now; the long-shadow repercussions manifest in less direct ways (lack of social skills, of common-or-garden streetwiseness etc.)
    /rambling …

  39. Ing:Intellectual Terrorist "Starting Tonight, People will Whine" says


    The DC hero Blue Beetle has a scarab as symbol. That it’s a dung beetle was addressed

  40. blf says

    English boxer Curtis Woodhouse turns up on the doorstep of his Twitter troll:

    When the light-welterweight and former Birmingham City and Hull City footballer received abusive tweets about his defeat to Shane Singleton, he took matters into his own hands

    When Curtis Woodhouse lost his English light-welterweight title on points to Shane Singleton on Friday night and he was branded a “disgrace” on the social networking site by ‘Jimmyob88’‏, who has reportedly been abusing Woodhouse on Twitter for months.

    The boxer was so enraged with the tweets that he offered his followers a £1,000 reward if they could help him locate the culprit. Woodhouse’s growing number of Twitter followers chipped in and managed to track down his troll.

    Woodhouse set off to find his troll, tweeting a photograph of the street on which Jimmyob88 lived. “Right Jimbob, I’m here,” he wrote, adding: “Someone tell me what number he lives at or do I have to knock on every door #itsshowtime.”

    Realising the error of his ways, Jimmyob88 replied: “I am sorry it’s getting a bit out of hand. I am in the wrong. I accept that.” A triumphant Woodhouse went home, joking that he could have saved himself some petrol money by blocking his cowardly abuser.

    No word on what the plans — if any — were if “Jimmyob88” hadn’t backed down. Despite that and some other qualms, I do get a chuckle out of imagining the knucklehead wetting his pants when he realises this fecking professional boxer has just showed up, rather upset and with understandable reason, on his doorstep…

  41. Ing:Intellectual Terrorist "Starting Tonight, People will Whine" says

    no I don’t find it too funny that so many people where gleeful to conspire in mob justice for the laughs.

    Replace boxer with Muslim and see if itd be reported as a cute a story

  42. glodson says


    Hey, that’s some good news about Buphenyl, as my family has a history filled with Alzheimer’s. I’ve got a few decades myself, but my parents are getting to that age. Maybe we won’t have to suffer through that disease. I know I don’t want my family to watch me waste away as my mind dies.

    About Beetles

    I would prefer the worship of the dung beetle over that of a zombie mystic.


    Nothing to be sorry about, hugs if you need them, and booze if you want it.


    Thanks. And there is a frown of disapproval. The little one only gets that if she does something when I know she knows better. I make some allowances for being overly tired. I’m trying to teach her to be kind and empathetic. She does such a good job at it, it is a shock when she doesn’t.

  43. Ing:Intellectual Terrorist "Starting Tonight, People will Whine" says

    do not ask questions about the jam! Where the jam came from is in the past! /EXTREMELY obscure joke

  44. blf says

    Replace boxer with Muslim and see if itd be reported as a cute a stor

    Could easily be: Having the person — female, Muslim, boxer, disabled, or whatever — showing up on your doorstep is an “ah shite!” moment. But, as I said, I also do have qualms about the story. The most obvious being, also as I also said, what — if anything — were the plans had the abuser not backed done. (However, given the annoyed guy was being quite public, it’d be really really stoopid if he actually did anything more serious than yell at the allegedly abusive twit.)

    Another of my qualms, which I didn’t say, is the perception you raised: This could easily be too close to mob rule, regardless of the (or lack of) humor value.

    Another qualm I also didn’t say is people can get quite passionate about sport, and since none of the alleged prior / long-term abuse is reported, it’s difficult to tell whether it was two or more groups of passionate people arguing with each other, or something more serious. The single reported instance of “disgrace” is pretty much meaningless; professional sports writers will also use that term, albeit they’ll back up it with reasons (albeit not necessarily logic). The better ones will say something a bit more creative, such as this recent description of the English Rugby Team’s performance against Italy (describing the next game): “England [must] arrive with something more than the replica pop-gun they waved at Italy in this laboured display, their worst of this championship to date.”

    Yes, there are many reasons to be queasy about the story. On the other hand, a face-to-face discussion of the behaviour could be a good thing.

  45. Ing:Intellectual Terrorist "Starting Tonight, People will Whine" says

    it doesn’t matter what his plan was: it was a clear implicit threat. This is clearly abuse. And the boxer wasn’t getting rape threats or any mitigating factor, he escallated it to a physical confrontation. And people helped expose someone fcor that encounter. Thats not funny that’s horrifying.

    Imagine if one of us had a catholic or mra or like do that in response to our “abuse”, track us down and sho up at our house to “discuss” things?

    This is thugery “do what I say cause I’m bigger than you”

  46. blf says

    Clear implicit threat of what? Nothing is reported in the story.
    It was publicly tweeted in real time (as reported in the story (which includes some screengrabs)).

    “Physical confrontation”? I assume you mean an (implied) treat to wallop the alleged abuser. (Face-to-faces need not be confrontational.) We don’t know if that was the intent / plan, the real-time tweeting argues against that, and the other implication from the story is the two did not ever actually meet.

    It’s not clear from the story, but’s there no suggestion the “exposure” of the alleged abuser used anything other than publicly-available information and crowd-sourcing (with a reward (I’m also a bit queasy about the reward, a donation to charity would have been better, as would an offer to meet someplace other than at the alleged abuser’s doorstep)).

    Imagine if one of us had a catholic or mra or like do that in response to our “abuse”, track us down and sho up at our house to “discuss” things?

    Yes? And? What is your point? And why the “scare quotes”?
    Assuming it was done in the same-ish manner, publicly in real-time, with the guy (you or I) being tracked down obviously monitoring the situation, then whilst perhaps annoying it’s not too alarming. If you don’t want to invite him in for tea, or have a conversation on the doorstep, then either don’t answer the door — or simply leave (there’s plenty of warning-time) — or suggest meeting in a public place with many people in the vicinity. Or so on…

    The alleged abuser, in this instance, folded quite quickly and publicly. The story implies they never even met. (I’d would have considered offering him an autograph or something afterwards if I was the boxer…)

  47. Ing:Intellectual Terrorist "Starting Tonight, People will Whine" says


    Are you fucking kidding me?

  48. says

    I’ve been listening to Republicans spread the myth that Obama was a standoffish guy who ignored the need to socialize with Congress Critters … until Republican complaints forced him to be more charming.

    Okay, I’m fed up with this. As the New York Times reported:

    For all the attention to President Obama’s new campaign of outreach to Republicans, it was four months ago — on the eve of bipartisan budget talks — that he secretly invited five of them to the White House for a movie screening with the stars of “Lincoln,” the film about that president’s courtship of Congress to pass a significant measure.

    None accepted.

    And that’s just one example out of many. Hobnobbing with the stars of “Lincoln” didn’t get Republicans to the Whitehouse for a social occasion. Keeping the invitation secret so that Republicans could be in the same room with Obama without having to answer to the rancid right … that didn’t help.

    The whole schmooze-more story is a bit of myth. It was only after Boehner and Mitchell announced outright that they would not meet with the President to negotiate budget policy that Obama started charming other Republicans in public meetings, without Boehner and Mitchell. As a result, we now also know that, in some cases, Boehner and Mitchell kept key proposals made by the President from their colleagues. They ran a disinformation/ignorance campaign.

    “I find it sort of hard to stomach the criticism that he has not been reaching out to Republicans,” said Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, a Democrat close to the White House.

    Republicans are politically “schizophrenic,” he added. “On the one hand they complain about the president not reaching out,” he said. “But when he reaches out directly, a lot of them are running for cover.”

  49. says

    Arrrgggghhhhh! I’m going to have to turn the new off altogether. There’s noting but the election of new Pope on. How important the vote is! How the the whole thing is being done in Latin. How effing serious and consequential it all is. “Beloved” Popes of the past ….. belch. Nobody is calling it like it is. It is much elaborate do about nothing.

    “Moral leadership in the world….” belch.

  50. says

    Antidote for all the syrupy, mindless coverage of the elect-a-Pope pageantry:

    The Catholic Church paid $30 million to acquire a building that houses a senior cardinal — and a huge gay sauna

    Happy Conclave Day, everyone. While you are discreetly scanning TMZ on your office computer or contemplating the Chipotle you will eat for lunch, 115 cardinals have gathered at the Vatican to select God’s new representative on earth.

    But there is something more than just choosing a spiritual leader for the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics weighing on the cardinals today: Gay bathhouses.

    News broke on Tuesday that the Holy See had purchased a $30 million dollar share of Rome real estate that includes Europe’s largest gay sauna, making them its official landlord.

    As reported by The Independent:

    The senior Vatican figure sweating the most due to the unlikely proximity of the gay Europa Multiclub is probably Cardinal Ivan Dias, the head of the Congregation for Evangelisation of Peoples, who is due to participate in tomorrow’s election at the Sistine Chapel.

    This 76-year-old “prince of the church” enjoys a 12-room apartment on the first-floor of the imposing palazzo, at 2 Via Carducci, just yards from the ground floor entrance to the steamy flesh pot. There are 18 other Vatican apartments in the block, many of which house priests….

    Cardinal Dias, who is seen as a social conservative even by the current standards of the church hierarchy, is no doubt horrified to learn of the activities taking place a floor below.

    The Europe Multi Club appears game to engage with their neighbors at the Holy See, or at least content to mess with them. The club hosts a weekly “bear night,” featuring “Bruno, a hairy, overweight pastor of souls” who, dressed in Catholic vestments (naturally), is “free to the music of his clergyman, remaining in a thong, because he wants to expose body and soul,” according to The Independent. Bear night also features a buffet, because exposing one’s body and soul works up an appetite…..

    Sounds like more fun than the conclave, that’s for sure.

  51. says

    All the Pharyngulites who are not bankers, hedge fund managers, or otherwise involved in criminal activity will not get rich. Robert Reich explains why. Video here. It’s only 3:58 minutes long. And it’s clear.

    The idea that most Americans have been living beyond their means is pure fantasy perpetrated by a small minority at the top whose means have gone through the stratosphere.

  52. broboxley OT says

    Lynna OM I am avoiding the popeathon by watching futurama reruns and at noon 6 hours of pawn stars. Can’t wait to start work in the morning bleh

  53. cicely (Possibly Presumptious) says

    *hugback* for ednaz.

    WMDKitty, I cannot tell you how shocked—shocked!—I am that you do not respect the Religious Symbolisms of the Ancients. The mental equation of the Sun with a giant, flaming ball of shit…really, what’s not to admire?
    *pulling face straight*
    Much as I love Ancient Egyptian history, that one always got to me.

    The beetle’s position on peas and horses is not clear, however.

    If I were to venture a guess, I’d say the beetle’s-eye view would be, “Peas roll nicely (but you can’t lay your eggs in ’em, so what’s the point?), and Horses produce a great many, large balls of horseshit (a Good Thing!)”. Anthropomorphistically-speaking.

    PSG: Hurrah for the (presumed) imminent end of the pain-reign!

  54. Portia, just Portia says


    Portia #494
    Do you think he actually learned anything?
    Are you OK?

    I’m not sure he will learn anything long term, but I suppose it’s possible. I think he thought we were being playful, or something.
    As far as being ok, I think I am. Working out the kinks of feeling a little shaken over it, but overall I feel okay. Thanks for asking.


    I don’t believe I’ve seen this particular point brought up before. It wants…wider dispersal.

    Thanks. It just occurred to me. Another way the policy recommendation is preposterous.

    Thanks for the hugs, everyone, consider them all appreciated and reciprocated.

    Now, who hid my keys? (It wasn’t the horses, cicely!)

  55. cicely (Possibly Presumptious) says

    Portia: Of course not! They have no thumbs!
    rq always seems to have plenty of thumbs…and is a minion of the Horses…hmmm….

  56. Portia, just Portia says

    If I’ve learned one thing from religion, it’s that

    there’s no such thing as a coincidence.


    *whiny voice* Give ’em baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

  57. Portia, just Portia says

    S has spares of all my keys but he knows I’m peeved at him and hasn’t broached the subject with a proper apology and so I am waiting for that to happen. Bah. Stoopid head games. I also have a load of laundry he left in my dryer and I know for a fact he needs it…but his pride is keeping him in dirty undershirts, ha.

  58. glodson says

    Goddamn, some people just try to be stupid. They have to.

    I hate to think they aren’t putting effort into being this obtuse.

  59. says

    * hugs* to Ogvorbis, Portia, PSG, et al
    Thanks to all who offer commiserations and hugs, it is appreciated.


    All the Pharyngulites who are not bankers, hedge fund managers, or otherwise involved in criminal activity will not get rich.

    Fortunately, I have no ambition to be rich; only comfortable.
    I started learning French in the first grade, and my French is quite good, although not flawlessly unaccented; OTOH, when I try to learn Spanish, I have an atrocious French accent, which I can’t seem to shake. I also have a tendency to default to French vocab rather than Spanish, because I haven’t had the opportunity to build much Spanish vocab.

  60. Pteryxx says

    *offers hugs* to folks who need or just want hugs

    Random article find:

    Why has this narrative about seed-spreading become so dominant?

    It made it out of scientific circles and into popular culture in the 1980s as sociobiology, and parts of it got recreated as evolutionary psychology in the 1990s. So it’s gotten a lot of press attention as a new theory. Another part is it really caught on because it gives us essentially a simple answer to a difficult question and, for whatever reason, we here in the U.S., if not in many other places, really like those simple answers to difficult questions.

    In mainstream media we’ve had all of this stuff on TV since the 1970s that really promotes this idea of promiscuous young men. The history, as far as I can tell, really starts with Fonzie on “Happy Days” and “Hawkeye” Pierce on “M*A*S*H.” And it continues with guys like Sam Malone on “Cheers” and Charlie Sheen’s character on “Two and a Half Men” and Barney on “How I Met Your Mother.” For several years now we’ve had so-called good guys who were also promiscuous. If you looked at TV and movies from the ’50s and ’60s, the promiscuous guys were always very clearly the bad example.

  61. Portia, just Portia says

    Via Email, rq sez:

    Damn these mobile touch screenz and flailing arms of infants.
    First, lots of hugs for the weekend events! Lots!
    Tell cicely that Horse(s) have kicked my computer because I forgot to soak their peas long enough before putting them out for Their Appeasement *tee hee* and I don’t have your keys. As for S, I would say do some house-cleaning to show you’re serious: short text – I’m bringing over your laundry, please have my spare keys ready, half an hour (or if he’s coming to you, Come pick up your laundry and bring my spare keys. Don’t engage in conversation, do not invite in). And nothing else. Re-allocating possessions might make him see some seriousness.
    (Please pretend I posted this in the Lounge. Also, if anyone knows how to convince my mobile device (ipod) that I would like to sign in, that would be great!) :)

  62. Portia, just Portia says

    Thanks iJoe :)
    *scoops up hugs*
    I suppose one can get a spare set of car keys from a dealership, no?
    I’m confident my full set will show up. In the meantime, I will have to just call S, I suppose. Meh, there are worse things. Like having no spare set at all.

    The plates for my car just showed up in the mail from the dealership. Yep, over two months later. Two weeks ago they told me to check with the DMV. Color me unimpressed with their customer service.

  63. cicely (Possibly Presumptious) says

    rq: Never attribute computer-kickings by Horses to any act of yours, where simple malice on Their part will explain it.
    And make ’em soak their own Damned peas! No arguments, no appeals.

  64. opposablethumbs says

    Many hugs to Dalillama, Portia, rq, cicely, Cerberus, Ogvorbis and any many any many other Horders. Not around as much as I’d like yesterdaytodaytomorrow, but reading you all every chance I get.

    I see that rq is nothing daunted by the recalcitrance of mere technology, and that the advice is just as good!

  65. Esteleth, stupid fucking starchild Tolkien worshiping douche says

    So…there is news on the job front.

    Some of you may remember my grumblings re: my job and re: Boss.

    Also my intentions of (when the job ends) going to nursing school.


    Had a discussion with Boss today, about where I’m going from here, etc.

    Mentioned that my thinking is to go to nursing school. Mentioned that I volunteer in the patient wards on the weekends, and that I find this enjoyable.

    He blinked.

    Then: “You’re on a NIH T32. I don’t see why we can’t arrange for you to get a sponsored internship – it isn’t like the department doesn’t have a clinical side, after all. In fact, I was talking with [administrator] about the historical failure of fellows to advance professionally and what we can do about it. Let me email him.”

    I am gobsmacked.

  66. broboxley OT says

    looking at apartments today. Very damn depressing. I hate kennels but there doesn’t seem to be any mobiles for rent and I really dont want the expense of a house, plus no one is renting houses on short term leases

  67. opposablethumbs says

    Esteleth, that’s wonderful! Boss must really rate you, to come out with that basically without even being asked.

    Thank you, cicely! :-D A hug is always very welcome!

  68. says

    I swear some people are idiots with a large helping of asshole.
    So, I teach Spanish to adults. I teach at a public institution where people come for the fun of it (mostly). It is pretty cheap as language classes go and subsidized, which means that a certain amount of money needs to be covered by fees. That amount is calculated on 10 paying students. Actually, 10 paying students covers my salary and it’s not like I’m getting rich there. So if there’s less than 10 they have to pay more. Last week we were at the point where we would have to either cancel the class completely or find a solution.
    Now, I’m the last person to not understand that you can’t pay more. And I say so explicitly. So we decided to cut the number of hours from 15 X 90 min to 10 X 90 min because that means you only have to cover 2/3 of the fees as well. That was the agreement last week. That was still the agreement when I talked to that woman this afternoon at 2pm when she inquired about whether classes would take place i this weather. At 17:15 she called again. She and her friend who was also a participant had talked again and decided that if they couldn’t get the full hours they don’t want any course, so they’re backing off, leaving now finally too few people for that class.
    Asshole move on itself.
    And did I mention that this was at 17:15 when said class would have started at 6? Of course I couldn’t reach everybody in time to cancel class so I had to go there and wait and tell the one guy in person and then sit around for some unpaid 90 min until the next class started… I really could have done without that…

    Sounds like Yay!?

  69. Portia, just Portia says

    Poor ‘puter-less rq says congrats, Esteleth :) And so do I. that’s pretty neat.

  70. Portia, just Portia says

    More from rq:

    Greetings from the unconnected and*hugs* where apllicable (exchangeable for *scritche* *shoukderpats* and *drinks* as wanted and thanks to oppsablethumbs for the thoughts!). I have realized that sometimes hving no compueter can be a Very Good Thing, since Husband and I have a chance to actually talk in more than 5 minute soundbites. Not that we have comunications problems as such, just a distinct lack of time and energy lately and this evening is a good chance to focus on each other. Still, I miss you all and hope some hardware is back in action sooner rather than later. Good night!

    (Portia sez: as you can gather, she is reading the comments, just can’t respond herself).

  71. PSG (pharmscigrad) says

    Thanks for the hurrah… it seems to really be the end. After four months, I almost can’t believe it, but I am damn thankful for it.


    I hate to think they aren’t putting effort into being this obtuse.

    I never thought of it that way, but now that you mention it… yeah. Me too. :)

    *hugs* and thanks

    Yeah, that’s really assholish of them both… *sympathy and hugs*

    Hoping that means all the good things!!!

    Missing you rq, but hoping you’re enjoying the semi-unplugged night as well. *hugs*

  72. Beatrice (looking for a happy thought) says

    *waves at rq*

    I skipped half the comments, so… good night. I hope I’ll have some time to spend here tomorrow evening. Unless I fall into bed at 9pm.

  73. carlie says

    *stumbles in, bleary-eyed*

    Heeey, everybody. So I just got done binging on 32 episodes of Switched at Birth. Damn. Is anyone here immersed in or a member of the deaf community and have opinions about the show? Just based on the title, I’d thought it was some syrupy soapy crap, but then I saw this review at amptoons while casting about looking for something to do during spring break. I watched the Uprising episode and the one previous to it (on ABC Family’s website, and is also on Hulu), and then went to Netflix for the 30 episodes of season 1. Wow. It’s got class issues, it’s got deaf/hearing issues, it has identity and community and privilege issues up the wazoo, it even goes to a good place with regard to the stereotype of the poor family being Puerto Rican. AV Club has apparently been reviewing it, too. And the amazing thing is, to my viewpoint, they’ve been getting it all mostly right. And I laughed my head off when it turned out that Lea Thompson’s character’s mom was played by Meredith Baxter, because OF COURSE she would and WHO ELSE would it be.

    So anyway, check out the blog post, check out the Uprising episode, if anybody is already familiar with it let me know what you think. It is a show you do have to sit and watch, though – no having it on in the background. Too much of it is ASL and subtitled to not pay close attention.

  74. carlie says

    ARGH! Last night’s episode is listed as “spring finale”! No more for a few months? Noooo!!!

  75. opposablethumbs says

    Good night rq-unplugged, hope you have/had a good unplugged evening (but are plugged in again soon). Sympathies to Giliell, that was indeed arsehole-type timing on their part.
    Good night Horde.

  76. says

    So, I’m a big chunk of the way through the new Tomb Raider game… it is a little ridiculous as most action games are, but otherwise reminds me of a certain classic movie that most of us know and love. And thinking of that movie, I don’t even mind the little tank top Lara Croft is wearing throughout.

    Written by Rhianna Pratchett, daughter of Terry & Lyn Pratchett. Interesting, considering she’ll be taking over the Discworld business when her father is no longer able to.

  77. carlie says

    Cardinal Dias, who is seen as a social conservative even by the current standards of the church hierarchy, is no doubt horrified to learn of the activities taking place a floor below

    I’m sure he was shocked, SHOCKED to find sex happening at that establishment!

    On language – I took 3 years of Spanish in high school. Got enough of it that there were times I kept thinking in Spanish and didn’t realize it until partway through the next class, but of course it all goes away quickly. Now I can make out a few words, mostly remember my conjugations. I’ve been half-assedly trying to learn Slovak for the last year or so, and damn but I’m bad at languages and now that I’m old it’s so much harder. The only thing I can grasp is that the declensions and conjugations kind of follow Latin rules, and I had a semester of Latin (and years of decoding science terminology).

  78. Esteleth, stupid fucking starchild Tolkien worshiping douche says


    I need a carrier of the “you can carry it onto an airplane” variety for the kitteh.

    Teh googles informs me that there are rules regarding physical dimensions, and also suggestions for it to be soft-walled rather than hard.

    I have a pet carrier, but it is of the hard plastic variety. And it is big enough that it would not fit underneath a seat.

    Various emporiums sell these things, but I guess I don’t know what I’m looking for.

    Morgan weighs about 8 lb (that’s 3.6 kg for the non-Americans). Oh, and she has claws.

    Suggestions? Advice?

  79. Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :) says

    Last night’s episode is listed as “spring finale”!

    …is it spring? O.o

  80. John Morales says


    Suggestions? Advice?

    First, determine (ask?) the airline in question what they will allow and what they require, then seek what you need if it’s achievable.

  81. bluentx says

    Good evening, fellow Lizards!

    *hugs* to those in need

    *careful hugs* to PSG, hope all went well with stent removal and future pain management is minimized.

    Yea! for rq emails: We was worried!

    Double Yea! for Esteleth‘s boss getting a clue and for possible job improvement.

  82. says

    Incoming email from This could be fun…

    Dear Creationists,
    Sell your Creation materials on the Creation Science Hall of Fame web site.
    We are creating a store-page-section for all Creationists to sell their original and non-original Creation Materials such as Books, authored articles, DVDs, Fossil Reproductions, CD’s,Tapes, etc. from the Creation Science Hall of Fame web site:

    Here is what we are proposing:

    1. You create your own Store Page using pictures, text, etc to get peoples’ attention. Be creative. Send this to And give us lots of time to organize this project. Use format, Word.

    2. We will then place a link to your existing web site store page on your CSHF designed Store Page that you sent to us in order to start the ordering process. You will know the source as to where the order originated from….CSHF.

    3. If you don’t have a web site and you still want to sell your creation wares, please create your Store Page for the CSHF as described above with your email address so that we may post it on your Store Page on the CSHF web site as a link. The orders will arrive to you via your email address. You fulfil the orders as requested by the emails. You too will know the source as to where the order originated from…..CSHF.

    4. Everyone will be on a “Christian Honor System”. We are asking for you to give us 10% of the total sale which will go towards the construction of the CSHF building.

    5. Please mail checks, payable to the (at the end of each month)
    Creation Science Hall of Fame (CSHF)
    PO Box 82
    Tranquility, NJ 07879

    In Christ,
    Nick Lally, Chairman, Board of Directors, Creation Science Hall of Fame

    PS Please tell all your Creationists friends who have Creation Materials to sell about this program. The success of this program depends on your support.

  83. says

    Esteleth, I purchased a carrier for a small dog that had “airline compliant” stickers all over it’s packaging. It’s really nice (and would be for a cat too) – zippered openings on several sides so you can try a variety of ways to convince a reluctant pet to enter the carrier. It is lined with that white fluffy stuff that is also on baskets and some kitty trees. Mesh sides so you can see your pet, too.
    I bought it for trips to the vet (because I am a good grandmama (niftydottir wants pup seatbelted – or wedged securely between seats – in a carrier in the car and I respect her wishes; the carrier she provided is hard-sided (and the pup’s special place for p&q at home) so I didn’t like to take her out in it) so can’t tell you about flying with it, unfortunately.
    This is similar (but I am sure I did not pay that much for it)

  84. carlie says

    Azkyroth – maybe the beginning of spring? (yes, here in the northern hemisphere)

    It also takes place in Kansas City, which they hilariously try to highlight at least once an episode but often get it wrong enough for me to think that they’re getting it all off of the Wikipedia entry. “We went to World of Fun!” Ugh.

  85. bluentx says

    A question for anyone more familiar with David Sirota than I.
    I know ‘of’ him but not a lot. Wikipedia says he is ” a political progressive as well as a critic of neoliberal economic policies”,[good] that [H]e has criticized both left and right as well as excessive presidential power. [good] that “[H]e is an opponent of free trade policies, a supporter of fair trade, and an advocate of workers’ rights and organized labor” [all good].
    But is he always/usually/frequently as big of an intellectually dishonest asshat as he was today on a Sirius radio show?
    On the drive to work today, I heard Sirota (on the Mark Thompson Make It Plain show) in conversation with Adele Stan (of The topic was the Rand Paul drone filibuster. Sirota misrepresented Adele Stan’s position (even after she corrected him).
    I gave Adele a big thumbs-up for her not letting him get away with his repeated assertions: “Thanks, David, for mansplaing my position to me when that is clearly not what I said or what I meant.” Good for her!
    So, is this an anomaly or should Sirota be put in the ‘supposedly progressive but not a feminist ally’ column?

    [Wikipedia also says his column replaced Molly Ivins’ after she died… Bah!]

  86. says


    I’m mildly a fan of Sirota, not familiar with Stan (who seems to have legit liberal standing as well) at all… which creates a problem for me judging. It is possible that Sirota misrepresented Stan’s position, but it is also possible that Stan chose to misrepresent her own position on the radio, and Sirota was attempting to hold her to previous stated/printed opinions that she’s expressed. It is not entirely unreasonable to assume that Sirota was being an ass, but since this is politics it is also not unfair to suppose that Stan tailors her message to the format. Because maybe he was being dishonest, or maybe he took an afternoon to read her positions before arguing against her on the radio.

    Can you give more details?

  87. FossilFishy(Anti-Vulcanist, with a perchant for pachyderm punditry) says

    Suggestions? Advice?

    First, determine (ask?) the airline in question what they will allow and what they require, then seek what you need if it’s achievable.

    Seconding this advice and adding that putting the airline’s information line’s phone number on your phone is a good idea. A baggage checker once tried to charge Mrs. Fishy and I both the oversize baggage fee and the bicycle surcharge when the airline’s policy was to only charge one or the other.

    Mrs. Fishy, on receiving no satisfaction explaining that she had check this ahead of time, walked away, called the national help desk and then walked back saying: “Thank you for that, can you please tell your clerk here what you just told me?” At which point the clerk refused to take the phone but decided to magnanimously wave the oversize fee. Bah.

    We then get to the first sorting point for security screening, the one where you show your passport and boarding card. The guard put Mrs. Fishy into extra screening: full frisk, shoes off, carry-on searched, bomb sniffed, the works. The clerk had tagged her for that extra screening, a guard at a later transfer point told us that she’d been tagged. The irony was that at each of our transfer points this extra screening meant that we got through security quicker than the rest of the plane. There was maybe four people tops going through the extra while a full 767 load had to go through just a couple of metal detectors.

    TL;DR: The clerks at the gate sometimes get it wrong in situations they don’t encounter routinely, have proof of some sort that your carrier is compliant.

  88. says

    Never mind bluentx

    I am not a fan of Stan’s writing style AT ALL, which is probably why she’s never made an impact on me. But Sirota slipped on a pair of cement shoes and jumped into a lake of shit on this one. I don’t know that it was fair to insinuate that this had a sexist element to it, because I’ve been a victim of the same sort of dishonesty on a smaller scale and so has anyone who has expressed a similar sentiment, but otherwise her criticism is spot-on, and Sirota is being an intentionally dishonest ass.

  89. bluentx says

    It seems this feud/debate has been going on for at least a few days (see link @600).
    I know of Adele more than I know of David, as she is a frequent guest on Left shows on Sirius and I have a long commute :)
    His attitude today and hearing his actual tone (as opposed to reading the written word), as well as his repeated assertions of what she DID NOT SAY, just really ticked me off.

  90. says


    I didn’t even need to hear the tone of the spoken words to imagine the disgusting nature of it all. It is what happens every time a “liberal” joins up with a libertarian shithead, and then has to defend joining forces with a horrible human being who wants to destroy the world on the off-chance that they’ll be a dominant warlord in the apocalypse.

  91. bluentx says

    Must make a note of the links you provided for when I need a good laugh/cry. Could be entertaining.

    Sorry, Esteleth,
    No advice here on flying with or without animals. I haven’t flown since 1980 (the drugs don’t count, right?).

  92. says

    Hey folks! Threadrupt, mostly. Though I have seen Esteleth’s good news, and have nothing to offer vis-a-vis pet carriers. Where ya going, Esteleth?

    I’m going to AUSTIN!!! In case you hadn’t heard. ;)

    Also, anyone looking for some good techno-exercise-dance music could do worse than to check out DJ Kalkutta’s “Tiki-Tap-Electro” mix, available for a free download if you just tweet or FB post your approval.

  93. Esteleth, stupid fucking starchild Tolkien worshiping douche says

    I am not going anywhere in particular anytime soon. But I am probably going to be travelling by air later this year, and the thought occurred to me.

    Mostly of the “might be good to have it ready when the time comes” sort of thinking.

  94. cicely (Possibly Presumptious) says

    Giliell: *hug* That was an asshole move, for sure.


  95. says

    Hush, Sally. I already gave you money. *grins*

    If it helps, I also gave the same $33 to a different charity this month( ), and I was thinking of you when I did it.

    More seriously…

    Lounge Lizards and Horde members… I’m working on paying it forward. You folks were amazing to me when I need the help, and I haven’t forgotten it. Every payday, I try to find one or two good causes to donate to, the same way you’ve given to me. I’ve been direct, and sent cash to someone in need who posted here. Other times, I’ve given to people who post here who have asked elsewhere. And then sometimes I give to charities that I know you would all approve of.

    In every case, people are being helped because you folks helped be here. I thank you for what you’ve done for me, and I’m sure the people I’ve helped would extend their gratitude to you folks if they knew you were the motivation behind my giving.

  96. says

    Ok, I’m honestly not interested in self promotion, but I’m a little bit peeved that no one is talking about the SNL Romantic Comedy skit. I blogged about it, click my nym if you’re interested in my rant. Idiots that can’t handle hacking a 32 year old video game to make it appealing to a young girl are interesting and all, but really?

    Sorry for the threadrupt and for whining that no one is talking about what I want to talk about.

    *goes and pouts in the corner*

  97. Portia, just Portia says

    I had the same reaction to that skit, and I think your analysis is spot on. In order for that skit to work as a parody of romantic comedies where the formula is “They fall in love, one of them is hiding something/lies about something, the other finds out, is upset, they reconcile, the end” it would have had to be something waaaaay different that caused the conflict. Something, say, not integral to a person’s identity that subjects them to horrible abuse on a daily basis.

    Hugs for the stoopidity you have to put up with.

    Hugs for impending good news?

    Hugs for everybody, because I’m feeling generous. : )

    Went to the high school career night tonight. Our sign on our table said “Podunk Fire Department: Volunteer Firemen.”
    I found a post it note (which was from a table staffed by people literally from the Post It™ factory) and wrote “fighters” on it and stuck it on our sign. : ) The other guys said “Geeez, ya lawyer.” I felt like maybe they were using “lawyer” as a stand-in for “feminist” or even just “girl.” But I didn’t mind because even being mindful enough to call me PC because I’m a lawyer is better than just calling me a bitch or something. Meh.

    There were lots of girls and young women interested in our gear and our work, which was really cool. Three ten year old girls stood and grilled us for like 15 minutes. I had to jump in and correct the big tuff guy who was saying that my role, as a woman, might to be his support on the fire scene. I whispered behind my hand, “You’ll see, though, that I have gear just like theirs. I can go into the fire.” He corrected himself. I was still annoyed. *shrug*

    Overall, it was pretty good. I think I convinced two little boys (maybe 6?) to be firefighters instead of cops because we get to sound like Darth Vader. They had first told me that they want to be cops because cops get guns. Then I showed them a halligan and let them wear all my gear. I think they’re on board. :D

  98. says

    Yer awesome, Joe!

    Erikthebassist, if I had watched SNL, I would have had the same reaction. Stupid, stupid, offensive shit. But I don’t generally watch SNL, because well. Because that.

    Time to do some dishes. I worked this weekend and I’ll be working next weekend. My place is a bit of a disaster. Good thing I have this bumping music to amp me up. Hey, the DJ works the Mario Bros. theme into it. And, when I tweeted at her about how awesome I found that, she said, thanks, she thought it would be a good thing for a bunch of people rolling around drunk. I said, that sounds like so much fun! Too bad I’m poor or I’d come check out your shows! (She’s in NYC, only 3 hours away.) She said, hey, let me know if there’s a show you want to go to and I’ll put your name on the guest list.


    People are nice.


    But still. Yay!

  99. says

    Ty Portia for making feel like I’m not nuts, and good on you for being such a standup female role model in your community. If I had kids I would make sure they saw people like you doing awesome things as often as possible.

  100. Hekuni Cat, MQG says

    Esteleth, congratulations!

    opposablethumbs – *return hug*

    SallyStrange – *pouncehug*

    Portia – You are an inspiration to me, even if I’m not ten (and probably haven’t been since before you were born). =)

  101. Crudely Wrott says

    My InnerTube connection seems to be stabilized and I am mostly over a nasty collision with what I think must have been the norovirus. Weak and tired for the lack of the former and the presence of the latter. Four days of absolutely having to stay close to home. OK, close to the toilet. Sitting or kneeling it seems all too much like worship.

    I am threadrupt due to both but don’t have the strength right now to review; I’m certain that many brilliant things have been said, many evils have been met and sent spiraling to certain doom if not helpless posturing and that folks here are still taking care of one another.

    Many of you have recently dug into your pockets for my benefit and I want to acknowledge my gratitude once more. You were wonderful and I am so very grateful. Life is not concerned with being fair and sometimes one must call for help. That there are those who respond to the plea is comforting in ways beyond simple faith. The comfort comes from willful intent, individually decided without threat of punishment or promise of reward. Please, give yourselves the recognition that you deserve.

    I’m going to compose another post that will take a little while and not be easy. Misery has been piled upon hardship in a way that is so sad and indicative of the nastiness that religion and its inevitable self-righteous assumption of privilege inevitably lead to. The narrative is sketchy at present but the implications are clear. More in a little while, hopefully tonight . . .

  102. Portia, just Portia says

    Crudely! I was just thinking of you today, and wanting an update. I’m sorry you’re sick on top of the other health problems. So not cool. *hugs*

    People are nice.


    But still. Yay!

    Yay indeed : ) I hope you get to go to a show there sometime. Also YAY for going to Austin!

    Also, didn’t know that Portia is a firefighter. AWESOOMMMMMEEE!

    :D:D:D Thanks.

    Portia – You are an inspiration to me, even if I’m not ten (and probably haven’t been since before you were born). =)

    Yer makin’ me blush. Thank you so much.
    Funny you should say so, too, because one of the ten year olds said I inspired her. I think she was being sarcastic, though! There was a funny moment, though, when I happened to walk out the school doors at the same time they did. One saw me and said “Hey, firewoman!” Her friend declared, “No, firefighter!” and they repeated it to each other in giggles. Feeling triumphant, I cheesily told them to never let anybody tell them they can’t do what a boy can. (They had asked earlier what girls could do on the fire department, because all the gear was so heavy. This is what led the tuff guy to tell them that everybody has different jobs, which is true, but then he used me as an example of someone who might not go in the fire. He said that I might, instead, refill his air pack. I wanted to scream, and felt the need to drive the point home that he was wrong about what determines your role.)

    Aaaaanyway, thanks for the kind words. I think part of the reason I do things that are male-dominated is just a contrarian nature :)

  103. Crudely Wrott says

    @ Improbable Joe who wrote:

    Lounge Lizards and Horde members… I’m working on paying it forward. You folks were amazing to me when I need the help, and I haven’t forgotten it. Every payday, I try to find one or two good causes to donate to, the same way you’ve given to me. I’ve been direct, and sent cash to someone in need who posted here. Other times, I’ve given to people who post here who have asked elsewhere. And then sometimes I give to charities that I know you would all approve of.

    Yes, you did, Joe. That someone wants to extend a special thanks to you as well as observe how well mutual assistance can engender further, extended mutual assistance. I am so glad that you benefited so well. Do carry on and spread the goodness. There is enough here to be like the Sherwin Williams paint logo: Cover the Earth.

    [relurks to dwell on such deeply rewarding company]

  104. Portia, just Portia says

    I also meant to add, iJoe, that that is so very cool. Sounds like you’re paying it forward and then some :D

  105. says

    You know Crudely Wrott & Portia, I haven’t been incredible. I’ve made sure my wife was taken care of, and then I made sure that I was OK too, and only then did I start paying it forward. I’m not some sort of saint for doing some minimal amount of decent behavior.

    But really, isn’t decency a really minimal standard? And aren’t we justified in being angry when people fight against doing the bare minimum to be decent people?

  106. Crudely Wrott says

    @Portia, thanks for the hugs. Gratefully received and returned. Such kindnesses mean a lot right now. Seems to be a dearth of them right now and I know it’s not because I’m not looking out for kindnesses. The world is all paved and fenced and grey, hardly reflecting any light. Where I used to go free there is now hardly any place that is not restricted.

    “It was once in the saddle
    I used to go dashin'”

    S’truth. I was a cowboy as a kid and me and ol’ Lightning went as we pleased, like the wind. Freedom seemed a given. Fences were agreements between neighbors and the high country was common property. Little of that is still so. It seems like so long ago. Perhaps it is. Yet it seems so recent to me. Memory. It’s a funny thing.

  107. Portia, just Portia says

    Ty Portia for making feel like I’m not nuts…

    You’re definitely not alone in spotting the nastiness of that skit. I also felt the same way about the rest of the episode, I laughed my ass off and enjoyed JT as much as I ever have. And then they shot it all to hell, right at the end. Someday maybe they will manage to not suck for an entire episode. I usually just watch Weekend Update but because of JT watched the whole thing this time.

    …and good on you for being such a standup female role model in your community. If I had kids I would make sure they saw people like you doing awesome things as often as possible.

    This is one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten. You’re very kind. I do what I like to do, and I feel pretty good about the possibility that I might do for someone else what the women I looked up to did for me.

    Just like you won’t let me off the hook when I say “I don’t know how to…” or “I’m not worthy of…” I won’t let you off the hook for how great that is. I’m gonna keep thinking it’s great that you donate, and you can’t stop me! :)

  108. Crudely Wrott says

    I’m not some sort of saint for doing some minimal amount of decent behavior.

    Of course your not. Your just an honest, thoughtful, functional and thoroughly likeable human. I’m glad I know you even if I don’t know your face or the sound of your voice. What informs me is your words. I know you and I am the better for it.

  109. Portia, just Portia says

    Crudely, your comments make me heartsick on your behalf. I wish I could bring more than this little bit of kindness to your life. I’m glad we here can light it up. Know that you are cared about, and that I had missed hearing from you.

  110. says

    Heya, Crudely! (I was wondering where you were. I don’t know you very well, but what I’ve seen of you, I like.)

    *hi5* for Portia — you done good. *kitty grin*

    re: “Are you smarter than an atheist”
    32/32, but it doesn’t mean much.

    I may specialize in esoteric (and often occult) knowledge, but I don’t measure up to the rest of the fine folks here. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I don’t need to be the smartest person in the room, though I’m hoping to soak up some knowledge and new ways of thinking. The way I see it, the more tools I have, the more angles I can look at something from, the better I can be at figuring it out, yeah?

  111. says

    Goodnight Portia and thanks for your kind words, what I do might be “great” but it isn’t enough when other people are hurting.

    Crudely, I’m glad you appreciate, but I wise I could do more. And I feel petty and selfish when I do more for my household so that we can maintain our own sanity, when I know you and other people are holding on with much less.

  112. Crudely Wrott says

    I’ll post a longer comment tomorrow to get some nasty shit off my chest. Hope to have more detail on recent developments. Right now I’ve got to lay me down and try to sleep. You all will take care of one another in the meantime I know.

    [/mumbles/ damn, how can so many people be so well disposed one to another? no wonder I’m getting tired of reader comments on CNN and Fox and Newsvine. this place is not like those places. this place is better. It is kinder, sharper sometimes, more constructive. must be some kind of inner strength, not sullied or weakened by dogma but left to thrive on its own as if born in some wilderness, clean, with wind and sun and rain teaching us how to live, how to share, how to love. /mumbles, dozes, anticipates dreams/]

    [apologizes for rampant sentimentality. does not apologize for the occasional need for same]

  113. bluentx says

    I think part of the reason I do things that are male-dominated is just a contrarian nature

    For most of my working life I’ve been in ‘mail-dominated’ jobs. Rarely (ever?) have I gotten to ‘inspire’ anyone, I usually I just get fired- (it’s the contrarian part). Mind if I play pretend and just hitchhike on your success for a while, Portia? :)

  114. PSG (pharmscigrad) says

    cicely, Dalillama, bluentx, Portia – thanks for the kind thoughts; 12 hours later and I haven’t had to take even an aspirin, which is better than I could have dreamed. Please feel free to take *hugs* from the pile here in the corner, exchangeable for *scritches* or other comforts of your choice.
    So many *hugs* to all the Horde for helping me get through the last two weeks. Y’all are wonderful.

  115. Crudely Wrott says

    OOhhhhh, maaannn. I can’t get away from you people. This place is almost impossible to log out of unless I post a comment and then shut my browser right off.

    Portia, just knowing that you care and that I am alive in your thoughts is enough. I consider myself fortunate that you so regard me. Here, have a big old wink: ;^>

    WMDKitty, I like you too. =) I hope to read a thousand more comments from you.

    Improbable Joe, you are properly ordering your priorities. Nothing wrong with that, in fact is just and proper. Your family is interdependent and your children, at least, are completely dependent. You do what you have to do and that is honorable and proper in my book. My best to you.

    Now, I am leaving the keyboard. I will be back tomorrow if’n the server don’t break down again.

    I love you folks. I really do.

  116. bluentx says

    I reread my comment to you. Boy, did that last part come out wrong! I hope you groked what I meant to say about pain management.
    English- do I speak it? And NO I did not go to the same school as George W. Bush!

  117. PSG (pharmscigrad) says

    *laughs hysterically* Oh… oh my. No. I definitely groked the meaning not the words so much. But thanks for that bit of hilarity… that was good.

  118. says

    Fic Rec!

    Xander owns a bar, and gets the most… interesting… customers. Continues in Part 2.

    It’s a mega-multi-crossover series of one-shots all centred around Xander and his bar. Think of it as “Cheers” on a Hellmouth.
    God Herself stops in on multiple occasions. She even left a Holy Skee-Ball (with a smiley face on it!) for Xander’s wall!

  119. ednaz says

    Hello All!

    Not in any kind of order:

    Portia, Many many *hugs* for you. And when I was reading rq’s reply I was yelling – Hell NO! You’re not going to deliver his laundry!
    Then I remembered he has a set of your keys and o.k. that’s fair and grumble grumble…
    Also, SO glad for not being a doormat – I want you to know that I had a hard time writing those words – but they’re your words so it’s o.k.?
    I hope this came across right. : )

    Crudely Wrott, It is so good to hear from you. All I can send is a *hug*. Hope that’s o.k. Look forward to hearing more from You.

    Esteleth, Yay? And what does sponsored internship mean?

    broboxley OT, Good Luck on your search.

    Giliell, I swore at the screen when I read your story. Is that o.k.?

    rq, Please have a very good night. : )

  120. ednaz says


    12 hours later and I haven’t had to take even an aspirin

    This is so great! I am so happy for you.

    bluentx, I have contrarian in me too. Can I sit by you? : )

    IJoe, Try as hard as you want. You’ll never convince me you’re not awesome. So…Ha Ha!!! : ) Yeah! Whattayagonnado??

    Caine, Where are You? How are You?

    There was supposed to be more, but I’m getting sleepy. I need to figure out a better time to post. : )

    Goodnight from ednazzzzzz…

  121. opposablethumbs says

    Thank you, Hekuni Cat!
    Crudely Wrott, it’s good to hear from you – and I’m so sorry you’re ill on top of everything else. Could I pass you a few more of these hugs I have here?
    Portia, you’re pretty inspirational all round. Actually I have a suspicion that some of you somehow manage to squeeze more than 24 hours into the day – how the hell does anyone work full-time and have a major volunteer commitment and a personal life?!?!?!
    PSG, yay for your news on the ex-pain front! That’s great!

  122. bluentx says

    Throwing this out there for anyone interested and who has access to Sirius radio:

    Zerlina Maxwell, who took Sean Hannity and Gayle Trotter on (shudder) about the stupidity of “give women guns that will take care of the rape problem” and who has since gotten massive backlash (including rape threats) will be guest hosting a Sirius Left (channel 127) show today, 6-9 pm (EST).
    I’m sure the TV appearance and the backlash will be part of the discussion.

  123. says

    I’m just so proud of myself
    What did I do?
    I made a phonecall and wrote three emails
    Remember when I told you about my “click moment” last week?
    So, the University of Monty Python is still fucking with me. But the little girl who’s afraid is getting some rest and I called the woman back immediately (honestly, I can’t remember when I did that the last time except with close family members) and then went on to write the emails without even going for a pee first.

  124. bluentx says


    Congrats on the ‘little girl’ going down for a nap!

    If you find you have any to spare, could you send some of that confidence and energy this way?

  125. mildlymagnificent says

    More glad to be alive moments. A familiar looking man in ambo green duds called in to check on mrmagnificent when #1 daughter and I were there. He was the one wielding the defibrillator paddles and instructing all the others on changing over CPR rotation, lining up adrenaline shots and inserting the drip.

    Turns out it was his first ever time out in the field after qualification as leading team member for an intensive emergency/resuscitation event. He’d already been in once before to check on mr but that was when he was very ill with the second bout of pneumonia. He was really pleased to see the more recent progress. Daughter insisted on a “my heroes” photo with ambo man and me either side of the patient.

  126. bluentx says

    I’ve got at least two mice in the kitchen! Saw them with my own little eyes just now-scurrying across the counter, across the WALL, then down behind the stove!

    I’m firing my cats!!!

  127. opposablethumbs says

    Waves and hugs to all (yay, Giliell!!! And ???? how bizarre and disturbing, Katherine :-( )

    If you see me around in the next couple of weeks, tell me to GO BACK TO WORK.

    Because (yay?) I just got landed with three pieces of work simultaneously (and had to turn down another two).

    This is why I love (hate?) being a freelance sole trader; the total insecurity, the down time when there isn’t a job and the mad rush when there is some work because you can’t afford to turn it down (unless it’s physically impossible to fit it all in, and then you rage because the timing clashes and you have to turn down something that would otherwise pay some bills, dammit). I had to turn down two jobs – why the hell couldn’t they have come earlier this year when I had nothing? Aaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    See you all in a couple of weeks …… (I know me, I’ll peek before then. But I probably won’t say anything. So HERE IS A HUGE PILE OF HUGS because I would really like to give a lot of you some hugsandbaconchocolatekittensandpuppies). ::makes vat of coffee, girds loins etc.::

  128. Matt Penfold says

    Need to do it for my story. Cause there are no religious arguments I can make, I need to research all the secular ones.

    I suppose they would be economic arguments, but those are very weak. Slavery has been shown to impede economic development, since slavery is poorly unsuited to an increasingly mechanized agrarian economy, and even less so to an industrial one.

  129. says


    I was thinking more along the lines of why it’s better for the slaves, rather than to the slave owner. The crappy arguments I’m thinking of are things like “they’re safer” and “they don’t mind.”

    It helps that the enslaved are of a race with an established, magically inserted genetic marker for loyalty. Think your most loyal dog, you can beat it, you can kick it, but it will still come around and try to get you to love it.

  130. Matt Penfold says

    I was thinking more along the lines of why it’s better for the slaves, rather than to the slave owner. The crappy arguments I’m thinking of are things like “they’re safer” and “they don’t mind.”

    So a paternalistic case for slavery then ?

    Whilst not actually slavery, it might be worth your looking at C19th Industrialists who took a somewhat more enlightened view to their employees working and living conditions but imposed conditions such as banning pubs, mandating church attendance etc.

  131. says

    Pure old racisms à la they’re not able to care for themselves/think for themselves/fit for higher work. Apartheid “philosophy” might give you ideas, too.

    In that case Yay and off to work!

  132. george3 says

    Katherine Lorraine @648.
    You might find Chapter 4 on slavery in “Invisible Romans” by Robert Knapp of interest.
    (Do the slaves ever get free?)
    On a side note Knapp mentions one Alexander Chanyanov’s ‘theory of drudgery’ and I
    wonder if any one here had come accrosss it?

    All my best to you all,

  133. Ing:Intellectual Terrorist "Starting Tonight, People will Whine" says


    All boil down to “it’s how it is and change hurts my privileged”

    On unrelated note nonstampcollector is a huge jackass and hypocrite

  134. Portia, just Portia says

    Good morning Lounge!

    I bring more rq-unplugged tidings. I’ll put together a comment of my own when I’ve had a bit more coffee, but copy-pasta I can do without the juice :)

    You are truly an inspiration. I wish you lived closer so I could show the boys that girls are firefighters for real, too (the influence of social conditioning in kindergarten is starting to show a bit). Besides, I’d like to see all the awesome equipment, too.
    In addition, to show how uncharitable I might have been to your esteemed male colleague, I’d probably have dropped some major snark, as in: I may be his support group now, but girls, a few years down the road when he’s too old to go into the fire, he’ll be filling MY oxygen tank! (And yes I know age isn’t fair game but neither is gender, so he might think about it a bit!) You’re awesome.
    Also, I think in a way the post-it on the sign is a more effective advertisement of inclusivity. You know, firefighters is the correct term, but women firefighters isn’t yet accepted enough in society(see need for post-it), so visible crossing out of men and visible replacement of a neutral term might, in a way, be a better way to show that yes, this is an inclusive endeavour, not just for The Boyz. That things are changing, even though we all know a lot of work is still needed. Would be much nicer, though, if the term firefighters was automatic and immediately inclusive in everyone’s minds, too, not just on paper. ;)

    Hooray on the pain control (so far), holding some thumbs for you!), sorry I didn’t weigh in yesterday but I was cheering for you. *hugs*

    I like seeing you around again. When’s the house-warming? ;)

    Yay for Giliell and making phone calls! I know how challenging that can be, so *confetti&sparkles* for you!
    ————————–Comment Break————————–
    Good to see you, you contrarian. I think the entire Lounge is full of contrarians in one way or another.

    And to the end of my previous comment, the whole ag joke should have a conspiratorial nudgenudge winkwink somewhere in there

    ————————–Comment Break————————–

    I HATE TOUCH SCREENS. and now I can’t remember what I wanted to say.

    *waves* for everyone

  135. Nick Gotts (formerly KG) says

    Sympathies to Portia, Crudely Wrott, anyone else needing them.

    Small sad event yesterday: my son’s guinea pig, Sparow (sic), had to be euthanased. When he went to feed her her salad and veg, he found she hadn’t eaten the previous day’s, or any hay or dried food, and was lying still and flat. We took her to the emergency all-nite vet, who found no obvious cause, but she (the guinea pig) was in shock, with a temperature several degrees what it should be and her intestines apparently shut down. She (the vet) offered to keep her in and try to get her working again, but was clear that at 7, which is quite good for a guinea pig, the prognosis was very poor, and she’d be feeling like shit. My son was upset, of course, but made what I’m sure was the right decision. With a small animal, they put it in an airtight box and pump in anesthetic gas, then give a lethal injection once it’s unconscious. We stayed for the first part of this, then went home and removed her cage from his room to the garage. Then he got back to preparing for an engineering design-and-build national competition he’s leading a team in, for tomorrow.

  136. rq says

    I’m back but still mobile so All Hail Tpyos.

    I have a few backed up comments but I have to figure out how to copy-paste on this thing (or just have my secretary Portia post for me – I owe bigtime, by the way!). I hate touch screens, just so everyone knows.

    Nice to see you back, Crudely, I hope at least the viruses stsy aay from now on!

  137. blf says

    I need a carrier of the “you can carry it onto an airplane” variety for the kitteh. … Suggestions? Advice?

    Use the mildly deranged penguin’s solution: A really large trebuchet, loaded with the ammunitionkitty and connected to a timer / remote-control, so it fires (launches) at around the same time as you takeoff. The kitty can then fly alongside you and the other cattle, landing about when and where you do.

    Problem solved.

  138. rq says

    I see Portia is an impressive copy-paster; was hoping to beat her at posting! Thank you *cupcakesofchoice* for you, share only if you want! ;)

  139. Esteleth, stupid fucking starchild Tolkien worshiping douche says


    Yay? And what does sponsored internship mean?

    That, more or less, is my own question.

    It could mean anything from “after your job runs out, you’ll get support to help pay for your nursing tuition” to “you can write your tuition off on your taxes,” to “you can submit fees related to preparing for nursing school for reimbursement under your grant” to “you can attend nursing school, right now, and get paid to do so” to “you can work (work-work, not the volunteering-type stuff I’m doing now) in a patient ward and get credit to apply towards a nursing degree in the process” to “you can study X as relating to patient care in conjunction with the clinical side of the department” to “*headpat* now get back into the lab.”

    I have no idea.

    Secular arguments for slavery? Suggest poking around evidence related to Greco-Roman slavery. That was justified in many ways contemporaneously, but religion was not one of them.

  140. blf says

    I’ve got at least two mice in the kitchen!

    Stand on two chairs then.

    I’m firing my cats!!!

    I’ll let the mildly deranged penguin know. She has a mobile trebuchet with her, and is normally quite happy to launch kitties, especially if some cheese is involved.

  141. Esteleth, stupid fucking starchild Tolkien worshiping douche says

    So I went to my local Emporium of Pet Related Items last night and, after grabbing 25 lb of kitty litter, I looked at the carriers and talked to an employee. Employee did a really hard time trying to persuade me to buy this thing that looks like a fashion handbag and costs $80. It is even faux-leather!

    A thing I noticed: a crate labelled “airline compliant” that looks for all the world like a giant tupperware with a metal grid lid and a big handle. For $12. I almost bought it.

  142. says

    *waves at rq*
    Good to see you back again

    Sorry to hear about the guinea pig.
    And at the worst possible moment, too (although there never is a good moment)

    So, I’ll go to work in a few minutes and I fully expect to come back to see the internet having exploded re: Dawkins being a privileged idiot again.