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I’ll be heading off to my local polling place shortly, and then sinking into a long day of labs and classes. Fortunately, there’s no dearth of good stuff to keep you entertained while I’m occupied.

  • Avicenna recognizes a Catholic bigot.

  • Black Skeptics have a set of voting recommendations for California ballot measures.

  • Digital Cuttlefish wants you to vote. Yes, please do.

  • Ed Brayton has all the election predictions. Must have been a lot of Magic 8-Balls sold this year.

  • Greta Christina explains why voting isn’t a waste of time.

  • Jason Thibeault has a story on Microsoft cracking down on on-line sexism in gaming. Cue denialists claiming it’s not a problem, and that if women would just shut up it would all go away.

  • Maryam Namazie writes about art and fear.

  • Mano Singham cites a really stupid endorsement for Romney.

  • Taslima Nasrin writes about Yaseen — a boy murdered by his mother for failing to memorize the Quran.

  • Kylie Sturgess presents a very entertaining short history of genetics. It’s got Dara O Briain’s name on it, but I don’t know why.

  • Zinnia Jones gives her first public speech! At a conference with a distinct lack of PZ!

  • But the same event had a distinct presence of Aron Ra. That should compensate, right?


  1. Kylie Sturgess says

    Because, as the post says:

    “This exclusive preview is from Dara O Briain’s Science Club, a brand new six-part series starting on Tuesday 6 November at 9pm on BBC Two. Find out more at”

    I hope folks in the UK enjoy it!