Anti-Caturday Post

Sometimes I despair. I know I can’t win; the ailurophiles have taken over the internet. And sometimes I just want to give up.

But I won’t. The battle must go on! And sometimes, I will fight back with a frenzy. Take this, cats: four creatures that are niftier than you! Hy-yaaaaah!





I push back the feline horde just a little bit today. Today is a good day, except for the head-full-of-snot thing.


  1. sprocket says

    I actually liked the scorpion video the best. Not sure why, but maybe because at least I had learned something.

  2. WhiteHatLurker says

    The scorpion one was cool, but there is a neater video associated with the posted one for a scorpion giving birth:

    See it here

    I had no idea that scorpions are viviparous.

  3. silomowbray says

    My family and I are proud members of the Vancouver Aquarium and we always stop by the otter pool to watch the furballs play. Milo is no longer with us though; he died earlier this year from lymphoma if I recall correctly. It was a sad time after having him with us for so many years.

    They really are as cute as the video shows. Fuzzy, round paws, round bellies, and they hold paws! (An act called ‘rafting’, where dozens of sea otters can link together.)

    We miss you, Milo!

  4. Stacy says

    Surrender PZ. All your base are belong to us. Also all your tunafish. Do you–do you have any tunafish?

    The Cats

  5. Alverant says

    Maybe it’s me, but I think red pandas (with those eyes, nose, fur) look so like real life Muppets you’d think at any moment their mouths will open all the way to the back to reveal a flat, painted tongue and do a silent laugh.

  6. Mattir says

    None of those creatures are as adorable as the ones curled up on my bed, helping me through the flu.

    Also, get your flu shots now, if not sooner. I was going to get the shot yesterday, fell ill, hard, on Wednesday evening.

  7. Furr-a-Bruin says

    The thing is… I can find cats, red pandas, otters and ferrets all adorable at the same time. Heck, I think 3/4-ton adult brown bears are cute. ;)

  8. Nepenthe says

    Hhhhrnrrrgh… I tried, I really did, but as soon as I saw those 4 walking legs my “HOLY SHIT ITS A SPIDER” alarm went off and there was no more awww-ing.

  9. says

    Not only are scorpions viviparous, but the babies ride on their mom’s back for some period of time. You haven’t experienced your pest quota until you slice momma scorpion in two with a knife, and then realize all those dots fleeing from her are little baby scorpions.

  10. magistramarla says

    Hmmm- Red Pandas are OK, but they won’t curl up on the couch next to you and purr.
    I love watching the sea otters in the Monterey Bay, and I do love them, but they aren’t warm, furry and pet-able.
    Ferrets are soft and like to be petted, but I’ve seen the destruction that they can do, so they aren’t welcome in my house.
    Scorpions – YUCK! After living in Texas and actually having to deal with these disgusting things, they are NOT cute.

    So, nice try PZ, but cats still win!
    I’m petting my two right now, and being rewarded with licking (kisses!) and purring.

  11. cactuswren says

    I take it you’ve never been scorpion-stung, PZ?

    I have, and I would unhesitatingly bludgeon that damn thing.

  12. Crudely Wrott says

    The sting goes zip
    Like a PZ quip
    That takes a nip
    Out of fundie dips

    (in younger days I used to catch and confine them, introducing other small fauna to them–interestingly, they are not all powerful, being considered tasty by shrews and centipedes)

    Still, Scorpions! Ray Harryhausen knew, oh, yes.

  13. Stacy says

    No …I…I gave the last can to a cat that was meowing outside my back door

    I knew it! He’s secretly a pushover…. ; )

  14. F says

    I misread that as Aiurophiles, and thought maybe you were talking about the Protoss and their fans.

  15. says

    Ferrets are pretty cool. They are like cats in fast forward. They even turn onto their backs like cats when play fighting or trying to get at something under a door.

  16. Lofty says

    Yeah, cute, in a non hands-on way. Can you lay your ear on their furry tummies and hear the rumbling of content? I thought not.

  17. pipenta says

    I don’t get the ferret thing, not as house pets. They are caterpillars dipped in piddle.

    And red pandas are nice, but not nearly as charismatic as lemurs.

    The scorpion you may keep all for your very self.

    But otters, yes. Otters > cats.

  18. cgilder says

    Yes yes cute cu—holy shit kill it with fire. As a Texan with very high tolerance for bitey ugly critters, scorpions are the only creature I have ever seen that I wanted to kill, immediately. So so creepy. Not cute.

    Not only do we have our 4 adult cats, we have 2 foster kittens with us right now too. And they are adorable.

  19. Furr-a-Bruin says

    cactuswren: I have much the same reaction and I’ve never been stung by a scorpion. I only react that way to specific species of spiders that are known to be dangerous to humans (e.g., brown recluse, black widow) so it’s not a general horror of arachnids.

  20. says

    One of the great things about living here in Saskatoon is that dangerous insects are largely non-existent. I’d hate having to spend my time worrying about poisonous nasties invading my living space.

  21. Rumtopf says

    Ferrets are pretty much cats, maybe more like forever kittens? They tear around exploring, playing and doing their cute little stompy war dances, but after an hour or two they’re curled up in your lap in a death sleep(they sleep so deeply you can pick them up or put them in hilarious poses, or Lofty could listen to the rumbling of their belly contents and they wouldn’t wake up). They certainly sleep as much, if not more than cats.

    I also love the way scorpions look under UV light. c:

  22. amdiffer says

    Baby scorpion? Around here, in the Santa Monica Mountains in California, most scorpions are smaller than the end of your smallest fingernail and you need a black light at night to see them at all. There is an amazing amount of diversity of species of scorpions I imagine.

  23. bastionofsass says

    My cat Cassie enjoyed these videos so much. She found the red panda and ferret ones especially entertaining, riveting. I’m sure she’s hoping you’ll post more soon.

  24. McC2lhu doesn't want to know what you did there. says

    Sea otters are to me what cephalopods are to PZ. Luckily for you this isn’t my blog or you would all be suffering under the Otterday and LolOtterz posts.