1. llewelly says

    … if said transparent skin were appropriately opaque to dangerous frequencies, such as UV , that would be wonderful.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    You would get early warning about Alien parasites establishing themselves in your thorax.

  3. blf says

    Is that picture of poopyhead I or poopyhead II? I’m having problems keeping my poopyheads straight…

  4. woodsong says

    What a gorgeous little frog! I’d love a chance to see one (or several) of those someday.

    The internal iridescence is amazing and beautiful.

  5. Sili says

    No. I’m selfconscious enough about my outsides as it is. I hate having to go to school with a spot on my nose. Having to go with a spot on my liver would just kill me.

  6. Owlmirror says

    Yes, those are eggs.


    I left a comment on that thread linking to the original of the above image, which is from National Geographic Visions of Earth. The caption for this image was:

    Photograph by Heidi and Hans-Jürgen Koch
    April 2008
    Germany—The see-through skin of an inch-long glass frog reveals her eggs. Native to Venezuela, the frogs lay eggs in bushes and trees overhanging streams. Tadpoles hatch, then tumble into the current to be swept away.

  7. Ogvorbis: broken and cynical says

    On the bright side, it would make part of biology class much less traumatic. “No, professor. I will not dissect the frog. Instead, I will just point and say.”

  8. Menyambal --- Sambal's Little Helper says

    Somehow, looking at that picture, it seems stunningly obvious that a frog evolved from a squishy, wet, semi-transparent, single-celled organism with protozoan pseudopods and all.

  9. pipenta says

    Wouldn’t that make pregnancy even more interesting than it already is!

    I’d have a real problem getting used to people’s faces if we had transparent skin. I guess we’d all eventually get used to it, but in the meantime YUCK. It would be like living in one of those creepy old EC horror comic books.

  10. didgen says

    Could someone identify the white area that looks a little like styrofoam? Thanks, I read the article very informative thanks Owlmirror.