Why I am an atheist – KillJoy

I am an atheist because, as my brother once said, ‘If it don’t gel, it ain’t jello’. Religion and supersition in general just does not gel. I see no reason to believe in gods or the supernatural. It took me some time and and a good deal of exploration to come to that conclusion, but in the end there is simply no evidence.

No correlation with experience. There are far too many holes in the theory, if you will. Its a simple as that.



  1. Lars says

    I absolutely agree, and well put.

    (Compulsory quibble: Although using the word “theory” in this context is being far too kind IMO.)

  2. kreativekaos says

    ‘If it don’t gel, it ain’t jello.’ Love it.

    Sounds like something my older brother might have said, since, to paraphrase him concerning religion (mainly), but also any other strict, authoritarian source– political, social, or even scientific: he wasn’t a sheep, and he wouldn’t be herded or talked into a group-think mentality of any stripe.

    He arrived at his own conclusions through thought, reason, and reading. He was likely wrong about some things (that he may have changed his mind about by now if he was still with us), but he prided himself on staying open, and didn’t buy being sold a particular point of view by ANY authority, since he recognized both the infallibility and arrogance inherent in any area of organized authority structures.

  3. robster says

    Yep, it’s not jelly, it’s not even hot water. The religiously afflicted have no concept of evidence. That’s all the non-belivers ask for to enable us to embrace the nonsense and have done so for quite a while now, but still nothing. I guess if you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to present.