1. joed says

    this is from a clockwork Orange the film by Kubrik
    and book by british author anthony burgess.
    Excellent read and film burgess and Kubrik both exceptional artists

  2. HappyHax0r says

    It is indeed from the film A Clockwork Orange, save for the fact that Dim has been replaced by the pepper-spraying “police man” (note the quotes) John Pike.

    PZ: Well done sir, good find.

  3. Richard Eis says

    I count four men and no women… sexism!!!

    The “woman” gets gangraped and murdered if I remember correctly. She is but a plot element.

    (now i feel suitably and morbidly evil for spoiling Joe’s thunder)

  4. you_monster says

    Me ol glazies didn’t notice the difference at first. Then I viddied the sodding millicent and had a good smeck.

  5. JackC says

    OK, I just gotta say – before reading any of the comments, only seeing the image PZ posted, I thought “Well – it looks like an image from Clockwork Orange, but what’s that guy doing with looks a little like a slide Trombone on the left?”

    Sigh. Might be time for new glasses. The kind that let me see what I am looking at kind of up close and personal.


  6. NitricAcid says

    I hear that John Pike is to be awarded an honourary doctorate from Liberty University, and will now be known as “Dr. Pepper”.

  7. peterh says

    @ #7:

    Just wait until yo see how women are portrayed in the milk bars. You think bunnies caused a tizzy . . . . . .

  8. Shiroferetto says

    @25: Now that’s a good one! ;D

    I’m a chick, but… it’s A Clockwork Orange. It’s brilliant. Nuff said.

    Also, the photoshop is supurb.

  9. Cesar Hechler says

    Grumps’ link to the picture at Tiananmen Square really puts the thing into perspective. People with an honest grievance and right to be there treated like soccer hooligans high on Guinness. The place the political and corporate mindset is in right now isn’t just depressing and nauseating, it’s frightening.

  10. Randy says

    This almost belongs on XKCD. There is such a thing as being too good at Photoshop. Recognizing the film, I didn’t even notice peppercop.

  11. Nimravid says

    @Grace at #28:

    But you know what’s interesting? Joe actually noticed this time. And thought it’d be a kick to stir the shit pot up again and preemptively put some bitches in their place, but still.

    Pepper cop fits into the picture nicely. I think it can’t all be the Photoshop- his body language in the videos shows so clearly how much he enjoys inflicting pain and punishing a challenge to his authority. That pose in mid strut-n-spray is iconic for a reason.

  12. Nimravid says

    Well, crap. It’s impossible to get away with fuzzy logic on this blog. You’re right, chigau; I’m ascribing motivation without sufficient evidence. Pepper cop appeared to me to enjoy what he was doing, but plausibly a number of things could have been going through his head at that moment, from “how dare they” to “I might have left the oven on.” And the video where he seems to be strutting along happily as he sprays the seated protestors is one that’s iconic because of its appearance of his enjoyment and appearance of an excess of force. Not because of his actual inner motivation, but because of the way his body posture and the position of him vs. students fits into a certain narrative.

    My clairvoyant powers don’t extend to knowing what the actual motivation for Improbable Joe’s comment was either. It appeared to me to be an attempt to stir up issues from a previous thread to mock anyone who would bring up sexism as overreacting, which is one way of putting women in their place.

  13. chigau (本当) says

    I thought Improbable Joe was attempting a joke, but his sense of humour is not…(awaiting a good adverb)
    re Pepper cop
    My clairvoyant powers indicated to me that pepper cop was just-doing-his-job and would have just as easily sprayed in any of the situations shown in the worldwidememe.
    With no emotional involvement whatsoever.
    Which is more chilling.

  14. Janne says

    Why did i see this in less then one second ,and, could not remember the name of person I’m sittning against for 6 month at work. Please explain how the brain works.