1. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    totally: this thing could generate cute-tides. The cute come in, the cute go out. Who could explain that?

  2. evilDoug says

    Pretty classical weasel pose. Of course it is sizing you up to decide if you’re edible in one sitting, or if you’ll be need to be used up as leftovers.

    I once had a long tailed weasel keep coming closer and closer to look me over. Just before it got to my foot, I moved a little – I was wearing sandals and was a bit afraid of aquiring a nice set of toothmarks in a toe.
    Not much snow here yet. -20°C a couple of days ago. Wednesday a chinook will blow in and the temperature is forecast to be +11°C. What snow there is will evaporate without melting.

  3. Ermine says

    Great picture! Yeah, that’s a pretty classic image, the ermine in snow. I think I’ve had this exact picture (or one very like it) on my hard drive for nearly 2 decades now.

    Thanks for the cameo, PZ!

  4. TomF says

    Weasel or stoat? In general, weasels are weasely recognized, whereas stoats are stoatally different.

    Actually, since I’m from the UK but now live in the PacNW, it’s doubly confusing because the European Stoat is the same thing as the American Short-Tailed Weasel, is the same thing as an Ermine (on both sides of the pond).

    I had one of these in my back garden last year (in brown form). I looked at it and thought “that’s a funny-looking squirrel” and then it streeeeeeeeeetched and I’m all like “OMG OMG OMG wife look at this!” It couldn’t decide whether to be fascinated by me or terrified of me, so it would bounce back and forth. Then it saw the cat, decided I was already owned by someone and paraboloided off.

  5. says

    Killer and cute? Sure. Killer animals are generally cuter than prey animals, what with those easily anthropomorphisable forward facing eyes and all. (Especially kittehs, as any internet-aware fule kno.)

  6. some bastard says

    TomF says:

    Weasel or stoat? In general, weasels are weasely recognized, whereas stoats are stoatally different.


  7. nazani14 says

    If you have a barn, you absolutely want a weasel, stoat,
    (or polecat, if you’re in Wales) family in residence. They may be even better at reducing rodent populations than owls, and sweeping out their poop is a lot easier than scraping owl poop off rafters.

  8. happiestsadist says

    That’s the cutest ever creature that’s planning to eat my eyeballs I’ve ever seen. D’aww.

  9. Alex Besogonov says

    We had a weasel as a pet. They are much nicer than cats :)

    The only problem, they move and move and move and move – constantly. Unlike cats who just like to lie on a couch and sleep 24 hours a day.

  10. Kate from Iowa says

    That is terribly cute, but nowhere near as cute as the little guys we’ve got out in front/under the apartment building across the street. Yes folks…we’ve got a community of feral ferrets (try saying that after drinking) on one of the busier streets in DSM.

    Take quite a toll on the chipmunks and chickadees, but it’s the funniest thing ever to watch them cross the street in the early morning.

    And nazani14, owls just so totally kick ass! They burp skeletons! If I were a superhero, that would be my power! Mwahahahahaha! er…okay, probably more suited to a supervillian…

  11. speedweasel says

    OMG! I cant believe I missed the weasel the first time around.

    Actually, that guy looks familiar. I think he’s a friend of my cousin…

  12. Staceyjw says

    Kate from Iowa-
    We have been looking for feral ferrets in the US with no success. Can you tell me more? They usually don’t have the ability to live in the wild/out of a humans care, so this is wild to hear. please email me or post more. What’s DSM?

  13. Staceyjw says

    (just a ferret enthusiast, not looking to round them up or anything. Merely curious.)
    Crunchyrenee at gmail
    Thanks :-)

  14. Kate from Iowa says

    Will have to remember to email you monday, but just in case I don’t…

    DSM is Des Moines, Iowa. There is a small group (probably no more than four or five) of ferrets living across the street from where I work. I didn’t know that’s what I was looking at when I first saw them, but that loopy, long-bodied gait is unmistakeable, if you’ve ever seen it. Most likely, the poor things are pets that someone dumped, and I don’t expect to see a sustained presence. But it has been a year and a half, so I could definately be wrong on that.