Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Titillating titles

Someone had to know what they were doing, mixing “flash”, “tits”, and “sperm” all in one short title, “Flashier Great Tits Produce Stronger Sperm, Bird Study Shows“. I don’t care what the article said, I’m currently having palpitations and am having trouble focusing on my work.


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  1. Snowshoe the Canuck says

    Nice bird, legs are good too.

    The link is NSFW (I’m a teacher at a school with a very narrow net-nanny program). It wouldn’t even let me view USGS sites for a while because of the possibilites of seeing dirty rocks.

  2. DerelictHat says

    Are all ornithologists (not so secretly) godless perverts? I might need to change my area of study…

  3. AussieMike says

    SteveV says:
    I see.
    At least, I think I see.

    You do know SteveV that if you do that you’ll go blind.Just do it until you need glasses :-)

  4. TCC says

    I have a bunch of photos of birds on my flickr account, all titled with the common name of the bird. They all have about 10 or 12 views (no one looks at my flickr account but me) except for the Great Tit, which has hundreds.

  5. EvoMonkey says

    How about that related story at the Nat Geo site?

    It says that great tits are found in gardens throughout most of Europe. And apparently great tits shift mating schedules due to warming. Very nice! I wonder if that also applies to boobies.


    Back to work.

  6. SteveV says

    What’s that – can’t quite read…where’re my glasses…. ah that’s better..
    Huh, bloody Aussies

  7. Minnie The Finn says

    Dhorvath: fourteen what?

    Kitteh ate one of those birds earlier this summer. Naughty pussy.

  8. Minnie The Finn says


    now that would be the obvious explanation, but considering the tone of the thread (it’s all about nature!), I have a niggling feeling that something else might have been implied.

    Or, I just have a dirty mind. Whichever.