Jailbird Hovind still haunts us

I actually had a creationist try to stump me by pointing to this page at chick.com, reiterating Kent Hovind’s arguments. I was stunned at their stupidity. The first is that strange numbers game that argues that starting with 8 people 4400 years ago and multiplying by some arbitrary rate produces exactly the number of people we have nowadays (nobody ever dies prematurely!); the second is that the planets are cooling and would have lost all their internal heat if they were millions of years old (as if there were no internal heat sources); you get the idea. Tired, dumb, old. Have fun with them.

There is more news, though. Dinosaur Adventure Land is being auctioned off tomorrow! There’s also some adjacent property being auctioned off. Just think: you could own a 1 acre lot with some plywood dinosaurs on it!