Canadians aren’t all nice and polite, except for the godless ones

Some team in Canada won the Stanley Cup, which prompted happy revelers to…riot and destroy public property? I have never understood that behavior; when something good happens in my life, I’ve just never felt the slightest desire to celebrate by setting a police car on fire.

I shall now embarrass all the good Canadians by showing a video of Canadians behaving very, very badly.

All honor is not lost, however: one reporter documented the Vancouver riots, and then found refuge in a bar full of sensible atheists.

I walked to the back toward windows looking down on the street and met a posse of friendly atheist gamers who asked how it was outside. We watched some videos on my phone, ordered a pitcher of beer, then hung out for hours chatting away about all sorts of things until the streets looked a lot more clear.

Good on Caustic Soda for representing the better side of Canada and atheism!

Oops. I’ve been informed that the Canadian team lost a hockey game, which, of course, justifies city-wide rioting and flaming cars in the street. My error.