It’s a tough look to pull off

Admit it. You all have wanted to see Daniel Craig in a dress.

That’s a fantastically effective spot, and also…Craig looks damned good in that dress.

Another interesting thing is that the MRAs are enraged by it. I did think this comment was amusing:

Craig’s Bond is faggy anyway.
Sean Connery not only would’ve NEVER posed for these drag pics, he would’ve told the gay publicist to “sod off and suck my knob, mate.”
Then punched him.

So the MRA masculine ideal is violence and angrily demanding gay sex? I am not surprised.

(Warning: if you follow that link, it contains links to the Spearhead, a revealingly named blog which is the MRA version of Stormfront. Trust me, you don’t want to go there. Not unless you really want to see how contemptible male entitlement can be.)