Lies wrapped in piety

I sat through another horrid performance from our creationist visitor, Terry Mortenson. He lied and lied and lied for a couple of hours again, and once again refused to answer questions. Once again, I twittered my way through it. My student, Kele Cable, was also there, and he has a blog entry where he lists all of the fallacies from Mortenson’s talk from last evening.

One amusing thing tonight was that a couple of nice Christian ladies had a ‘conversation’ with me. Have you ever considered the possibility that Christianity is true? Have you weighed what you have to gain from life with Christ against the Judgement? Have you ever read the Bible? They were completely oblivious to the possibility that I have considered their evidence, and found it silly.

I also had one nice Christian woman ask me why I wanted to kill all the Christians. She said she read it on my website.

I’m gonna have a cuppa tea right now. It probably would be better for me to have a beer to relax, but there isn’t enough alcohol in the world to blot away all the stupidity I listened to tonight, so I’m not even going to try.