Episode CLIV: What use is a baby?

Forgive me, threadlians, but I just have to riff on this particular video.

  • Don’t be surprised, this is how all atheists tenderize their babies before the barbecue.

  • Laugh-a while you can, Monkey Boy!

  • In Russia, you don’t go on roller coaster, you are roller coaster.

  • Jane, Tarzan think Boy get enough exercise today.

  • I held my breath anxiously through the entire thing, waiting for that moment when the baby would pee.

  • Or better yet, poop.

  • Right now, my kids are all greatly relieved that they were born long before YouTube. Dad might have gotten ideas.

  • Well, son, I thought I had to choose between paying for a swingset for you, or a mail-order bride for me…until I realized she could be both!

  • Which suggests that the disturbing alternative would be a video of Dad having sex with the swingset.

  • Never, ever take advantage of the childcare option at Cirque du Soleil.

  • Wow, the Russian space program sure starts training their astronauts young.

  • Hey, I remember those toys — Stretch Armstrong, wasn’t it?

  • We did evolve from an arboreal lineage, after all, so she’s just letting him relive his brachiating ancestry.

  • Oh, no, suddenly I’m fantasizing about stripping naked and having a giant blond hippie woman man-handle me — I’ve turned into Robert Crumb!

  • Stop it, it’s torture! No, not the baby-flipping — the soundtrack!

  • It doesn’t count as juggling unless there are at least two babies.