There’s never a shortage of smarm among evangelicals

There has been a recent rash of publicized suicides by young gay people who have been bullied and intimidated and shamed by their peers…and we’re also getting a rash of Christian apologetics by the blind bigots of homophobia who simultaneously declaim their pious regrets that these poor children of God couldn’t find their way to redemption, while continuing the slander of damning their sinning lives. It’s hard to get more unctuously hypocritical than the odious Albert Mohler, who whimpers ‘think of the children!’ while protesting that as good Christians they must condemn the sin, and he sadly wonders where the good people to tell the suicidal that their lives are worth living are to be found (not in your ministry or any priesthood, that’s for sure…if they want humanity and caring, they need to turn to Dan Savage).

Mohler has some competition now, though: it’s from Daniel Spratlin, another of those purblind preacher boys. It’s not entirely in the article he has written, though —

Rutgers student suicide highlights growing sin problem — which is just another pile of fuzzy love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin BS, but in the comments where he opens up to complain about the criticism his article recieves. This is where he exposes the dementia of his chronic fuckwittedness.

I don’t (nor do the majority of confessing Evangelicals) believe homosexuality to be abhorrent because my “religion says so.” Rather, I believe it to be so because God says so.

I have no doubt that America will eventually accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle. Nor do I have a problem with it. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not equal to American values. Never has been and never will be. This world has to be destroyed in the end and I welcome it. That doesn’t mean, however, that I won’t stand firm in my position and continue to shout.

Do I want homosexuals to “feel isolated and ashamed to the point of suicide”? Of course not. I want them to feel isolated and ashamed to the point of repentance.

Look at the awesome arrogance of that first paragraph, the ridiculous gall of claiming that he and his fellow fundie sphincter-lipped wardens of the public morality have the one true hotline to the mind of their omnipotent god. Remember this every time someone accuses an atheist of being arrogant — we don’t claim to be speaking for a cosmic tyrant who will torture you for eternity if you don’t obey us.

And then he proudly announces that he welcomes the necessary destruction of the world. This is one of the most perniciously vile doctrines promoted by the Abrahamic religions, not just that an apocalypse will occur, but that believers should be actively working to bring it about. Agents of destruction like that are objectively evil; if such creatures were to appear in a fantasy novel, you know that they’d be the orcish villains.

The bottom line is that he wants gay people to “feel isolated and ashamed,” period. Suicide is to be regretted because a body count is bad PR, and it’s a lie when an idiot prancing towards armageddon claims that he grieves over the death of one. He wants the death of billions, and he’s also happy to spread misery through oppression while he’s waiting for the last trump.