The wild loons are calling in Canada

The insanity is continent wide, my fellow North Americans. A fringe group in Canada is calling for Christian Governance, and you know you can’t believe them when they make claims like this:

Judeo-Christian political theory is unique in its hostility to totalitarianism. Christian governance, and Christian governance alone, is anti-tyrannical.

But if they’re so opposed to tyranny, why is Christian Governance dismissing gay rights, women’s right to choose, and insisting that non-Christians shouldn’t be allowed representation in government? They sound like a gang of tyrannical control freaks, if you ask me. We don’t even need to get into the evidence of history that shows that Christian monarchs were quite willing to enslave, kill, burn, and destroy to maintain their power. Was the rule of good King Leopold of Belgium in the Congo an example of Christian anti-tyranny?