You can buy anything on eBay, I guess

There ought to be some regulation of the kind of fraud some people peddle online. I’m tempted to try this one: BOOTY ENHANCEMENT Spell Cast by Powerful Wiccan Witch (note: bikini-clad bottom on display at that link), just to see what happens. Except that I know what will happen: nothing. Less than nothing, actually, since we’re changing diet here and I expect my booty will be shrinking — the TrophyWife™ has actually put together a flavorful, low calorie, non-fat menu for me that looks pretty good already.

But then…the magic spell is only $8.95!

And this is the most dismal statistic of all:

99.8% Positive feedback

* Consistently receives highest buyers’ ratings
* Ships items quickly
* Has earned a track record of excellent service

She’s got precisely ONE negative evaluation in her entire eBay history, from someone whose butt apparently failed to plump up. Suckers swarm over this stuff.

I’m in the wrong business.

Oh, look: Rebecca Watson beat me to this one.