Democracy leads us into a vortex of self-destruction!

We’ve been doing politics all wrong. Michael Voris has the answers. The problem with democracy is all these voters with different views on things like abortion and homosexuality, where people who vote for such things are just rotten parasites who want to destroy civilization. So he has two solutions: 1) only allow good Catholics to vote, and 2) ideally, get rid of democracy altogether and instead install a Catholic dictatorship.

Really. He says that. I’m not making it up!

By the way, If you want to know more about life in a Catholic dictatorship, read this letter from Jim Walsh. He’s being completely non-judgmental!

I want to be perfectly clear. The contents of this letter are not to be construed as judgmental but rather observations of Catholics as it pertains to Mass attendance and conduct.

From early childhood Catholics are taught of the true physical presence of Christ in the holy sacrifice of the Mass,

This letter is not a catechism lesson. As a Catholic enters the church they are expected to display the utmost respect of Christ’s presence in the tabernacle at all times not just during the Mass. The Catholic church is not just an ordinary building, it is holy ground.

The respect for the Mass, etc., has been deteriorating at a rapid pace. Disrespectful making the sign of the cross. Do not know if they are making the sign of the cross or swatting a fly.

Irreverent genuflecting or bowing before entering the pew. Using the church bulletin as a substitute for pre-Mass spiritual meditation as though they were reading the Sunday paper or at the reading room of the library.

Loud verbal socializing with their neighbor. Dress more appropriate for the beach or working in the yard, garden or I personally wouldn’t be seen taking the garbage like some dress.

Does God care? Probably not if that’s all you have to wear. Be mindful what you wear can advertise your attitude.

Remember before receiving Holy Communion a Catholic must have made his confession and fasted one hour from food products, juices, sodas, gum, mints, etc., before he may receive communion. Drinking water is permissible. If violated, one should not receive the Eucharist.

Approach to receive the Eucharist with utmost respect and reverence and with hands held in a respectful position, not in your pockets or down by your side. You’re not standing in the communion line to receive a piece of candy. If received by hand, they be sure they’re clean.

After receiving the Eucharist, return to your pew reverently, not chewing the Eucharist like a piece of candy. Kneel and reflect prayerfully on what has just taken place. Thank Him for allowing Him to come into your body.

Recite all prayers of the Mass and sing all the hymns which are prayers put to music.

Bless yourself and bow reverently at the appropriate times of Mass. If you are a cantor, lector or choir member dress appropriately. Don’t be a distraction. Many altar servers are not trained properly or in cases I’ve seen not at all. Ushers should be properly dressed and when passing the collection basket do it with respect, not like passing the hat at a sporting event.

Priests, refrain from using the pulpit for humor. If you want to be a stand-up comic go on Saturday Night Life. I don’t think Christ began his sermon on the mount with a joke.

Finally, let’s cut out the applauding. You have not just attended a rock concert or state show.

Yours for improvement and the proper respect for the Catholic Mass. Less than that is not expected, I am not judgmental but rather observant concerned practicing Catholic.

Jim Walsh


His message is incomplete, though. I could help him out with suggestions on how to reverentially and appropriately desecrate Jebus crackers.