Day too full!

Oh no…the day needed a few more hours. I’ve been at the Atheist Alliance International 2010 Copenhagen Convention listening to Roy Brown, Gregory Paul, Dan Barker, AC Grayling, and doing a little yammering of my own, and the Trophy Wife™ and I were supposed to go to the evening of Godless Entertainment featuring the always splendid Robin Ince, when we were waylaid, ambushed, and pounced upon by The Amazing Randi and invited to join him for dinner. I’ve mentioned before that Randi is one of those phenomenal conversationalists one must spend time with, so we got distracted over an excellent meal…and missed Robin.

He’ll be sympathetic, I’m sure. I’ll just ask him to repeat his routine for me over breakfast.

You all remember Robin Ince. If you don’t, this will remind you:

I should have gone. But no, Randi is very cool. But Robin is such a hilarious nerd! Randi did magic tricks at the table. But Robin would have made me laugh. Gah, must finish my cloning project so I can be in 12 places at once.

Tomorrow it will be worse, with parallel sessions. Perhaps if I stand very close to the wall between the two rooms and vibrate really fast I’ll be able to catch them all.