Nazis, teabaggers…same difference

Last week, Glenn Beck was full of praise for a book he had claimed to have read overnight, which he regarded as a valuable source documenting the perfidy of commies. It was titled The Red Network, by Elizabeth Dilling. This morning, he is having a little trouble remembering the title and is claiming to be getting falsely tarred with accusations of being a “Jew loving Nazi sympathizer” by the Left (it’s always the Left, because as we all know, there are no Jews on the Left). His lapse of memory is amusing because it has been revealed that Dilling was a fanatical anti-Semite who conspired with the Nazis before World War II, and her book is full of obvious racist comments.

…under the opportunities of the American government and the inspiration of Christianity, the American Negroes have acquired professions, property, banks, homes, and produced a rising class of refined, home loving people. This is far more remarkable than that many Negroes are still backward. The Reds play upon the Negroes’ love of their own people and represent them as persecuted in order to inflame them against the very white people who have in reality given the colored race far greater opportunities than their fellow negroes would give them in Africa today.

This kind of passage just sailed right past Glenn Beck as, apparently, unremarkable and unobjectionable…until a few people pointed out to him that he was citing and praising a literal Nazi.

It’s true that Beck’s fans use a different label, but to be fair to the guy, their policies actually are indistinguishable from what the Nazis favored, so his confusion is understandable.