1. Kieranfoy says

    D’aaaaawwww. Why do your heartwarming posts never get any attention, P.Z.? It’s always “Oh, my God, that evil biologist has stabbed a cracker! Burn him!” “Never “Oh, my God, that evil biologist has made a heartwarming post, let’s melt into a pile of sacharrine good will to the sound of the furry woodland animals singing the hallelujah chorus!”

  2. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    Thanks, MrFire. Good to get some science up in here for a change. Will read this morning.

  3. MadScientist says

    I saw one of those all flattened nicely in the middle of the road on the way to work today. God must have forgotten because he was too busy diddling electrons.

  4. steverino63 says

    Uhh, Natl Geo for decades used semi-staged pix of tame “wildlife.” if this is more than a year old, this probably isn’t “real.”

  5. says

    @16 and furiously making bacterial flagella in his cosmic Flagella Factory, Inc.

  6. davem says

    Last one I saw was in the middle of Croydon (UK) Business district – (think skyscrapers, etc). The time was about 1am.

    The fox was on the median, at the lights, waiting for them to go red. I stopped the car as the lights went red, he looked at the lights, strolled across the road, and continued with his business…