I’m such a card

There is a whole collection of Skeptic Trump cards available on the web, and what do you know, I’m in there:


A bit chipmunky, but look: I have no worthy adversaries, and no arch nemesis! I guess I’ll be scampering to the goal line unopposed, then. (I notice, though, that Dawkins’ nemesis is Alister McGrath — that’s like saying the biggest obstacle in your way is a blob of jello.)


  1. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Looks like PZ is filling on creobot/godbot troll meat for the long hard Minnesota winter…

  2. Zeno says

    I think your cheeks are puffed out, PZ, because you’re underwater and holding your breath. See all those bubbles.

    Not sure why, though.

  3. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    The closest I can think of off the top of my head for an arch nemesis is the Rookie. Not even a blob of jello, as it didn’t set properly…

  4. raven says

    I think PZ’s arch nemesis could be Bill Donohue and Vox Day.

    One is certifiably crazy and the other is a mean, witch hunter class, corrupt, Catholic excuse maker.

    Their super power is emitting enormous amounts of slime.

  5. luketadams says

    Saying PZ’s arch nemesis is Bill Donohue is like saying that Obama’s arch nemesis is Orly Taitz. Not a worthy opponent and insane to boot.

  6. Michael Mortensen says

    Is it just me or does Christopher hitchens card look like a Tim Burton Villian

  7. luketadams says

    All you have to do to become Bill Donohue’s arch nemesis is come out strongly against child molestation.

  8. GregGorey says

    Lol, I like how Hitchen’s is the fictional atheist alien Oolon Colluphid from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That makes me chuckle.

  9. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    All you have to do to become Bill Donohue’s arch nemesis is come out strongly against child molestation.

    Well, since that includes almost all of the moral adults, he is an arch nemesis to a lot of people.

  10. Jillian Swift says

    The art on the card lets me know that I’m not the only one who thinks you have very awww-how-adorable pinchable cheeks. =^_^=

  11. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I thought his archnemesis was KWOOOOOOOOOK!!!!

    That should be KW*********K!!!!

  12. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    That should be KW*********K!!!!

    A water flea who can’t swim. Why even mention the name? Unworthy to be an archnemesis of PZ. *An accommodationist who can think? Just said an oxymoron…Sorry*

  13. Stardrake says

    Zeno @#3–He’s underwater because that’s where the zebrafish are, and he’s studying them in their environment!


  14. bradkhall says

    Hitchens has you totally beaten in the Arch Nemesis dept. One of his is Oolon Calluphid (and, presumably, his trilogy of philosophical blockbusters, “Where God Went Wrong”, “More of God’s Greatest Mistakes” and “Just Who is this God Person Anyway?”).

  15. ThinkingManNeil says

    A bit chipmunky? Nah; just stuffing his cheeks with crackers for next winter…


  16. mrcreosote says

    [Daffy and Nasty Canasta play cards; Daffy deals]
    Daffy Duck: [aside] I’ve got a royal straight flush full house with four aces high.
    [to Canasta]
    Daffy Duck: What do you got, stranger?
    Nasty Canasta: [shoving a gun down Daffy’s throat] I got a three of clubs.
    Daffy Duck: Beats me.

  17. scooterKPFT says

    @ 25

    Good one!!

    congrats PZ, at least you didn’t have to hold up a number which is sooo embarrassing and unfashionable these days .

  18. Matt Penfold says

    That should be KW*********K!!!!

    Talking of that pygmy brained moron, does anyone know he is getting on with his demands Seed remove Pharyngula from Scienceblogs ? Did he ever publish the letter he sent them ?

  19. JackC says

    How very odd, as I am just finishing Zelazny’s The Great Book of Amber (all 10 Amber books collected).

    Is this your plan for world travel now? We just concentrate on your Trump and bring you to your next conference? I suppose it would be much easier on your back.


  20. justinaquino says

    I wish they could make it into a real CCG. Complete with Action cards, Opposing Archetypes, and various mock scenarios (trolling, debates, appearances, conventions, flames etc. etc.).