Reality strikes even the godless at Christmastime

Previously, I enviously mentioned this fabulous godless variety show going on in England this year. It’s Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, organized by Robin Ince, and featuring a host of secular personages of note.

They had a similar show last year, with many requests for recordings. The great godless minds cogitated, and realizing that Deep Thoughts alone do not pay the utility bills or generate pints of beer, they have come up with an idea: you can now buy a DVD of the 2008 Nine Lessons show, proceeds of which will go to the Rationalist Association. You should get it. It’ll help keep some atheists warm.

Although…what’s this? PAL? Hmmm. Don’t know how well that will go over in the US. This might just be an opportunity for lucky Europeans.


  1. BBCaddict says

    My multi-regional DVD player is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
    I am a UK TV geek so let that be a guide however.

  2. eddie says

    Smoggy B @12:
    “…getting down and mystical in the Grey Havens.”

    I know elves live a long time, but the majority die their hair when it goes grey, or even shave it off altogether.