I get email

That sure didn’t take long. Bruce G. Charlton has chastised me.

It strikes me a sleazy and sloppy bit of journalism, unworthy of a scientist, falsely to accuse me in print of corrupt self-publishing.

All of my articles published in Medical Hypotheses since I became editor are editorials. Editor publishing editorials – you know the kind of thing?

If it had been me, I would be ashamed of myself, and would want to make a public apology.

But then you are not me! – so I expect nothing of the sort.

No reply is required or expected.

Prof. Bruce G Charlton MD
Editor in Chief – Medical Hypotheses


Professor of Theoretical Medicine
University of Buckingham

Reader in Evolutionary Psychiatry

But if Bruce G Charlton were PZ Myers, he’d be rude and scathing and cruel, and would feel no need to apologize for publicizing the follies of a Clever Silly.

And if PZ Myers were Bruce G Charlton…oh, bleh. I don’t even want to think about it.