Why did it take God so long to create the sun?

One of the weirdest elements of the Biblical chronology of Genesis is that God waits until Day 4 to create the sun, moon, and stars. I know, it makes no sense at all, but as it turns out,
God had a reason for that. Just ask a creationist!

Why did God wait till Day 4 before He made the sun, moon and stars?

Answer: Perhaps because God knew that some people would worship the sun, moon and stars, and He wanted to show us that they are not so important after all. The sun did not form the earth, and the stars do not control what happens on Earth. God wants us to worship Him, not anything that He has created.
Some people use the stars to make horoscopes. These are charts that supposedly say what is going to happen to people from day to day. God forbids this. He wants us to read His Word, the Bible, and to ask Him for wisdom; not to consult horoscopes, which people make up out of their own imagination.

So, you see, God juggled the whole chronology of creation in this crazy way simply because he hates astrology. And he thought that doing it in that order, when no human beings existed to see what he was up to, would convince the astrologers that the motion of the stars was meaningless.

No matter how hard I try, I’m sorry, I just can’t think like a creationist. That’s really stupid.