Simmer on low heat, stir occasionally

That’s my recipe for dealing with crackpots; feel free to use it, it’s easy.

You all may remember Vincent Fleury, the French fellow who ascribes developmental processes to swirls of cellular movement in development, who wrote a peculiar paper in a European journal of applied physics (which I mocked mercilessly), and who then went crying to fringe journalist Suzan Mazur, and then demanded withdrawal of my review and an apology. He’s done it again. I just received a copy of a letter from France, which was also sent to the vice chancellor of academic affairs of my university, demanding that I be gently chastised. He claims he is the “victim of a fierce attack”. If you really must know all the details, here are some scans of the letter.

i-db23e56d35ffc3b7c4efcc4e21715545-fleury1-thumb-200x283-22039.jpeg i-67eacecda0e3810c147edb37e5a668d6-fleury2-thumb-200x283-22042.jpeg

Just a gentle hint for future complaints: the vice chancellor’s name is Cheryl Contant, not “Content”, and she should be addressed as Dr Contant, not Mrs Content. You’re welcome.

Otherwise, there’s nothing in his letters that I think needs to be answered.