The Mormon leadership demonstrates their clarity of vision

Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Mormon Church has made some interesting remarks.

In an interview Monday before the speech, Oaks said he did not consider it provocative to compare the treatment of Mormons in the election’s aftermath to that of blacks in the civil rights era, and said he stands by the analogy.

“It may be offensive to some — maybe because it hadn’t occurred to them that they were putting themselves in the same category as people we deplore from that bygone era,” he said.

Did you get that? He thinks the Mormons, who are trying to deny a civil right to another minority and reserve it to themselves, are exactly like a minority that were denied a civil right and had to fight to get their equality recognized.

I’m not offended. I’ve just determined that the elders of the Mormon Church are a collection of antiquated, dumb old bigots.

So…when can we start taxing the Mormon temples? And when is California going to kick their regressive, but intrusive, little butts out of the state?