Update on Dennis Markuze

I got many excellent and informed suggestions on how to handle the death threats a certain deranged spammer has been making here, and I’ve acted on them. I gathered together all of the crazy posts he made over the course of one evening, and printed them out in very small print — it made for a small 61 page book, which would be impressive if it weren’t so repetitive and vapid. I took it down to the local police station, along with what little we know about Markuze’s addresses, IP numbers, email, and phone numbers, and plopped it down in front of a police officer.

He was amazed. He said they occasionally get to handle internet threats, but it’s usually a few rude remarks texted via cell phone by an angry teenager. The sustained lunacy of Markuze has set a new standard for crazy in Morris, Minnesota. So Dennis has accomplished something in his life at last.

It is now entirely in the hands of law enforcement, and all further complaints will wend their ponderous way through official channels. Our local police will talk to the Montreal police and alert them to the loon on a hair trigger in their midst, and will also alert national law agencies; I hope Mr Markuze has no plans to travel to the US at any time in the near future, because he may have some difficulties at the border.

But we’re all done. Please go back to ignoring his ravings, and I’ll go back to quietly deleting them.


  1. morgantj says

    He has been dropping some garbage on my site too. Thanks for reporting him to the authorities.

  2. Bing says

    This turd blossom has been strewing his leavings all over my site. It’s like he does nothing else.



  3. theflyingtrilobite says

    At least he’s getting some culture. He keeps spamming my atheist-science-art blog.

  4. skepticaljew says

    I have just “discovered” this lunatic, as he has been repeatedly posting his mouth-diarrhea about “the really SHARP END OF OCCAM’S RAZOR” on my blog ever since I made the mistake of replying to him on John Loftus’s blog Debunking Christianity, not knowing at the time that he has been posting the very same discharge all over the Web for at least a year. Since then, I have done some Googling and discovered from pages like this one that I am one among a quite sizable number of victims. Apparently, he is proud of his formulation, since he just keeps pasting it up! Does anyone know of a way to block a specific person from posting on one’s blog on Blogger.com?

  5. mariellegk says

    He’s been on to my blog, brightnepenthe.com, and that of several friends, including friends’ blogs which don’t even deal with atheism. PZ did you ever hear anything further? Because he’s not just posting from Canada, he’s also posting from a US based ISP.