No more, please, no more

Really, I frackin’ know about the crappy MSNBC poll about having “In god we trust” on our money. I’ve known about it for months and months. I am currently receiving about 20-30 notifications a day from random people that I should crash that poll.

Please, please STOP.

It’s a dead poll. It’s been hacked and slashed and butchered and cheated into the most amazing state of pointless stupidity. It’s got 16 million votes on it, almost all from a handful of people running scripts on a computer. It is apparently on some wingnut email that is circulating aimlessly in the Sargasso of lies and rumors and urban folklore that stagnates forever in the mailing lists of cranks and bored office workers, and is constantly revivified by someone who sees it for the first time.

It is currently the #1 most common single topic in my new mail folder. I am about to blow up and launch fireballs of wrath at anyone who sends it to me again. Actually, what I’m going to have to do is start blacklisting everyone who sends it to me — that’ll make the email slightly more manageable. But if you do send me email telling me about an MSNBC poll, it will be the last piece of email I ever see from you. Got it?