It’s scarcely worth it to pharyngulate a Scandinavian poll

A group of prominent Swedes have come out with a manifesto decrying the influence of religion in the world — which is great, but I do wonder why every time I read about famous Swedes, at least one of them has to be a former member of ABBA. It’s a fine statement that promotes humanism as the only valid source of morality.

Anyway, a Danish newspaper ran a poll asking if its readers agree. Here it is:

Tolv fremtrædende svenskere blæser i manifest til kamp mod religioner, som de mener fylder alt for meget i samfundet. Er du enig? (Twelve prominent Swedes fan of manifesto to fight against religions that they feel fills too much of society. Do you agree?)

Ja (Yes)

Nej (No)

Ved ikke (Don’t know)

I feel so superfluous. Sure, go ahead, contribute to the landslide. It would be very pleasant to live in Denmark, except that their complicated language always fills me with confusion.