Wikipedians, do something about this

The wikipedia article on “New Atheism” is nothing short of a travesty. It mentions nothing of the fact that the people associated with this “New Atheism” clearly state that there is nothing “new” about it, and the only sources it cites are Andrew Brown, who has become something of a mewling whiner about it, and Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary! It even talks about “Doctrines”, as if we have any!

It does list books by Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens…but doesn’t bother to say word one about what’s actually in them.

This is an article that actually belongs on Conservapædia—it is that bad.

Here’s the old version of the page that I was criticizing. If you go to the “New Atheist” page now, it redirects to the entry on atheism in general. Good, fast work!