Poll to insert random slogans in civic spaces

Someone in Kissimmee, Florida got it into their head that the city logo was lacking in pointless accolades to their deity, so they want to jam one in. There’s a poll, of course.

Kissimmee city commissioners are considering putting “In God We Trust” on a new city logo. Commissioner Art Otero says he proposed the change because he doesn’t like the way the country is headed. Commissioner Carlos Irizarry questioned its legal advisability. The ACLU says it discriminates in favor of religions that believe in one God.

Should Kissimmee add “In God We Trust” to its official city logo?

Yes. It’s a patriotic move, just as the commissioner said.
No. It discriminates in favor of monotheistic religions.
I don’t know. What’s wrong with leaving it the way it is?

I never can quite get the connection between patriotism and religion. Oh, wait, of course: it’s because the loudest proponents of both tend to be equally mindless!

I think they should have a new poll: “Should Kissimmee add ‘There is one god and Mohammed is his prophet’ to its official city logo?” If Art Otero can see that as a reasonable alternative, then I’d give him credit for being open-minded and really wanting to endorse faith as a solution to the nation’s problems, rather than being just another sectarian wackjob.