The gloves are off!

All right, I’ve got a Horde: a vicious mob of savages slavering over the prospect of conquest and booty. I’ve got to start using you more. Here are some people who have been asking for it:

Fly, my pretties, fly! Invade their blogs and leave comments and jack up their traffic and…and…stuff. That will teach them! Yarrrr!

I have another army arising, too. Remember, the SSA and I are going to the Creation “Museum” on 7 August. It’s going to be huge: last I heard, we’ve got 70 people signed up to descend on the place. I hope we have enough horses and lances to go around.

It’s got me thinking, though. With that many people, we want to stand out a little bit, and be able to recognize each other, so I have a request: all you godless heathens at the “museum” should wear an armband. Any color will do, and in fact a diversity of colors would be best to represent the diversity of our views, anyway — just tie a handkerchief or something around one arm when you go. Let everyone know what side you are on and what you represent: maybe a few of the other attendees will ask you who all those people with the armbands are, and you can politely explain to them what’s going on, and encourage them to ask us questions.

You should also tell them that all the people with armbands are laughing at them.