I find it appropriate to read about this on Fox News

The military has plans for a new kind of drone robot that will wander the wastelands of future battlefields, scooping up organic debris — such as dead bodies — and burning them to fuel their advance. The call it an EATR: Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot.

It’s kind of sweet, in a morbid way. It recycles! It uses renewable energy! Put a gun on it, and it could even harvest its own fuel as it mows its way through the enemy’s cities!

To be perfectly fair, though, the company building it doesn’t talk about using bodies for energy, but is more about generic biomass. Bodies are probably messy and inefficient compared to hunks of wood or corn stubble. It’s Fox News that emphasized the corpse-eating idea, which somehow seems like just the kind of thing Fox would find copacetic.