1. Nangleator says

    Me and the missus can probably find a quiet corner to fool around in there.

  2. Mr. Bookman says

    I’ve seen your type before, Myers. Flashy, making the scene. You and your good time buddies.

  3. Emmet, OM says

    Does this means we should not comment on his blog?


    (*looks around*)

    (*whispers*) Sorry.

  4. Anonymous says

    If All CAPS is shouting how does one whisper?

    Is there a specific font for whispering or maybe an opacity filter to make the text almost fade away?

  5. says

    Damnit PZ, the only thing I hate worse than creationists is the stereotyping of librarians. We’re not your grandmother’s shushers.

  6. Aphrodine says

    UGH! That reminds me… I have a library book that is, like, seven weeks overdue. ~__~

  7. Naked Bunny with a Whip says

    Do I have to wear shoes there? It’s so hard to concentrate on reading with shoes on.

  8. says

    I have to wonder if this tendency to immediately direct the ravening hordes at new bloggers is a good thing. We don’t want to scare them off, or infect them with Libertarians, or something.

  9. says

    I’ll 2nd Matt’s comment. It’s a great disservice to Mr. Dupuis to undermine his new blog with such a trite comment. Take the time to read his bio on his first post. Doesn’t seem to be much there to indicate his role is shushing or imposing fines.

    That said, it’s a big pat on the back for librarians that ScienceBlogs is enlightened enough to see the value in bringing on a science librarian.

  10. catta says

    Yay! Glad to hear there’s someone on SB now that I have something in common with (as opposed to all those people from fields wildly different from my own).

    I feel I have to defend PZ a bit, though – not that he needs it, I’m sure.
    It’s not like librarians don’t make jokes about the “Shhh!” — we do. When people asked me about what my LibSc final exams entailed, rather than going into detail and watching their eyes glaze over, I usually told them I’d just be asked to say “Shhhh!!!!” in as commanding a tone as possible.

    You can only count me in as offended when the “they’re all frumpy and boring” or the “lol, they must know the DDC by heart” clichés come up, though. We may be secret masters of the universe, but we don’t all lack a sense of humour.

  11. Anonymous says

    Librarians. Preserving the Record.

    er, what record?

    The Record of Everything . . .

    oh, that. whoa.

    *and they keep the books in their proper places, allowing them to be easily found. imagine if you could just put them back anywhere. whew.*

  12. nick nick bobick says

    Shouldn’t we, of all people, be eschewing invidious stereotypes? Besides, most scit-tech lbraries I have been in (many) it is often the clientele shushing the staff for having too good a time.