1. Virgil says

    A kilosteve, eh? That should be a unit of measurement. Of how much information creationists don’t know. Several kilosteves worth.

  2. says

    #1000 is actually a Darwin? I smell a fix. (Good thinking on their part, since the list of Steves is a publicity gimmick.)

  3. Jennyxyzzy says

    I notice that Steve #1000 comes from New Orleans. A fine counterweight to the more depressing news coming from Louisiana.

  4. says

    Hihi Donnie B. @ 10

    Probably not, 1024 (2^10) is used in computing purely because computers count in binary, kilo in every other sense is 1000 (kg=1000g etc.)

    Actually even in computing it’s sometimes taken to mean 1000, primarily when hard disks are being sold, a 1TB drive as sold is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes and not the 1,099,511,627,776 bytes you might reasonably expect! so aye, you get cheated out of a hair under 10% on those, lol

  5. says

    Wouldn’t a kilosteve actually be 1024 Steves?

    No, it’s an SI unit, like kilograhams. If you mere measuring, say sailboat rigging, you would be right, 1 kilobight = 1024.

  6. AnthonyK says

    Hmmm. Steves don’t know shit. An “anthony” should be the real unit of correct information. I’m up to 100% myself – and that’s just a start.

  7. AnthonyK says

    A “Tony” is a debased Hollywood geegaw. It has no association whatsoever with clear, rathional thinking.

  8. SteveN says

    Yahoo! Great choice for the 1000th member of the list, too. I was one of the earlier ‘Steves’ and have had at least two versions of the T-shirt so far. Time to order a new one, I think.

    Actually, the best part of being a ‘Steve’ is not the T-shirt but rather the paper published in the ‘Annals of Improbable Research’ titled “The Morphology of Steve”. It’s nice to be a co-author on a paper with two Nobel Prize Laureates and Stephen Hawking. Makes up for my total lack of ‘Nature’ or ‘Science’ papers. Or not.


  9. James F says

    In the run-up to Darwin Day, the list actually surpassed 1000. This week Glenn Branch will update the final tally, which will put the list at a kilosteve plus a dozen or so.

    Of course, every 7.5 Steves statistically laps the Dissent from Darwin list. Ha, ha!

  10. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    What’s the unit of disingenuous misinformation – a “Ham”?

    “Hovnid” is right up there to. But “Ham” is easier to say.

  11. AnthonyK says

    How many Hams in a Hovind? Or vice-versa? I suppose it’ll be down to those French name-droppers at the SI institute. But it’ll just turn into an ‘Am or an ‘Ovind and then where would we be? There’s always a “Luskin” but he hasn’t really carried out the stupid research to merit such an honour.

  12. says

    Bah, I tried clicking the link from work. Site is blocked, and here is the reason given by the filter:

    Adult Material – Sites that are intended for sexual arousal of the viewer, or are grossly inappropriate such as images of body mutilation. These sites contain, exclusively reference, or discuss sexually explicit material, nudity, partial nudity, sell sex “toys”, encourage sexual encounters, or promote organizations that sell sex such as escort services.

  13. AnthonyK says

    Ooooooooooh reality…..peer-reveiewed….scientific knowledge….ahhhhhhh!
    This is a pogophilic site, and as such should be banned!

  14. AnthonyK says

    There’s way too much Stevine self-congratulation on this thread.
    All you had to do to get on this list was
    1) Be named Steve
    2) Have parents who encouraged you to study and become scientists.
    The mere fact of years of learnin’, passing exams, and making a living in the academic world (and “science” is hardly difficult to grasp, is it now?) is not enough to offset your earlier advantages.
    You were born with a silver Steve spoon in your mouth – admit it.
    Privilege, thy name is Steve.

  15. Teleprompter says


    Why do you call it Darwinism? Why do you want science to be a dogma?

    Are you afraid of it? Afraid of its rational approach to problem-solving? Afraid of its changing to accomodate new evidence? Afraid of its possible displacement of some of your beliefs?

    Yes, science is often defeated…by more science. And I celebrate.

    Even a Newton, an Einstein, or yes, a Darwin, is often wrong about a few or many things.

    Science celebrates when it is defeated…and improved by a better understanding of phenomena.

    If religion could more accurately account for phenomena, science would celebrate the new discoveries. If science could more accurately account for something than religion, would you celebrate?

    Or would you cringe in fear and start a smear campaign?

    I think your actions have already revealed the answer.

  16. AnthonyK says

    All you need to know about “noted scholar” is on his website.
    Anti-“Darwinist” shite. Great arrogance and misapplied learning. Must be an anti-Steve. Site rating 500 Hams

  17. says

    Maybe they chose “Steve” because Steves happen to be in favor of Darwinism in irrationally unproportional numbers.

    No, they chose “Steve” in honour of Stephen Jay Gould. Grow up.

  18. pazmusik says

    haha… this reminds me of the old Kids In The Hall recurring sketch: “Thirty Helens Agree…”

  19. says

    Blake Stacey beat me to it. Notedscholar clearly has either not read their FAQ (where they answer that question clearly and unambiguously) or experienced a reading comprehension EPIC FAIL.

    And congratulations unto the Steves, for theirs is at least an amusing strategem. Lo, they are legion sufficient unto the 95% confidence level…

    The MadPanda, FCD

  20. Sven DiMilo says

    noted scholar is either a deep-cover Poe or an iconoclast to the point of nutdom. I have not invested the time to try to figure out which.

  21. AnthonyK says

    Where do lady Steve’s go to publicly subscribe to rationalism?
    (not to NS’s website – jeez there’s some crap on there!)

  22. AnthonyK says

    Fucking apostrophe’s. Talk about vestigial characteristics – or is it punctuated equilibrium?

  23. dave says

    Dear “noted” “scholar”

    Maybe they chose “Steve” because Steves happen to be in favor of Darwinism in irrationally unproportional numbers.

    And maybe you can stop making shit up. You can get the information from a link that’s already been posted in this thread, but here it is again:

    “Steve” was chosen to honour the late Stephen Jay Gould – nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s interesting that even through this is limited only to people who are called Steve (or Stephan, or Stephanie, or other names of similar origin – in total a tiny percentage of the population) we still get many more signatures than similar creationist efforts, even though they’re open to anyone they can get to sign them.

  24. Steve LaBonne says

    This milestone makes me feel more honored than ever to be one of the Steves (and probably the least distinguished. ;) )

  25. nick nick bobick says

    And of course a “raycomfort” is a measurement relating to a googolplex of stupid.

  26. SteveN says

    One of the important things to note is that about two-thirds of the Steve/scientists on the list are actually biologists. There are very few biologists on the infamous creationist’s list of ‘scientists who doubt evolution’ but quite a few engineers, doctors etc who may not be particularly qualified to pass public judgement on the veracity of evolution.

  27. says

    @10-12; nah, you’re talking about a kibisteve. A kilobyte is technically 1000 bytes, you’re talking about kibibytes. Whoo, binary notation …

  28. Janine, Ignorant Slut says

    The next project should be to find a kilosven. I wonder if we can include Chicago’s very own Sven?

  29. says

    The Taiwanese commonly change their self-selected English names as a matter of whim.
    I could generate a kilosteve by tomorrow evening using only three family names.
    Not all Steves (nor all bits) are created equal.

  30. Grenangle says

    Now I will be singing that damn song all night. Fantastic news. This has tickled me pink since I first heard of it 2 years back.

  31. says

    “Noted Scholar” is neither noted nor a scholar. He is a total failure.

    Or the most brilliant parodist in the history of the internet. We really can’t rule that out. He always seems to be too well read to actually be so stupid.

  32. says

    Anthony K @ 21:

    What’s the unit of disingenuous misinformation – a “Ham”?

    Yes, but in most cases, you’ll be using millihams or even microhams.

    Nick nick bobick @ 50:
    And of course a “raycomfort” is a measurement relating to a googolplex of stupid.

    Nano- is the most practical prefix for that in ordinary cases.

  33. David Marjanović, OM says

    There’s way too much Stevine self-congratulation on this thread.

    That may well be so, but you can’t become a member of the G.O.D.D.S. either, muahah.

  34. AnthonyK says

    There isn’t a category in by brain for Groups of Davids Doing Sstematics.
    It’s not evolved yet.