The Plan is revealed

One of our colleagues here at Pharyngula, Cuttlefish, OM, is apparently somewhat upset at the injustices against certain cephalopods. Be of good cheer! Our plans are coming to fruition, soon, and all the world will be under the tentacle, thanks to global warming and…Science!


  1. says

    You know what can be done to save the US economy long-term? Absolutely nothing, because within a short period of time, thanks to global warming and science, all that under-water real estate is going to be actual under-water real estate and its inhabitants are going to be a family of four…squids.

    So, without science we’d be okay?

  2. Patricia, OM says

    Speaking of complaining…Bill Donahue is complaining about YOU again PZ. Feb. 5th article about Link TV Mocks Catholicism. (Catholic League website)

    I can think of something better to do with cuttlefish and crackers than complain. ;)

  3. mayhempix says

    ” [In octopuses] sexuality is relegated to end of life span, [so] it doesn’t get in the way of their intelligence [like it does for most male humans].”

    Hmmmmm… is that considered an evolutionary advantage?
    Seems like a waste of all those tentacles.

  4. Sven DiMilo says

    Totally OT, but I just noticed this headline in the outdated NY Times window over on the right:

    Study Pinpoints the Main Source of Asia’s Brown Cloud

    Can it be that the mavens at the Times have never heard of Billy the Mountain?

    [citation: The Adventures of Gregory Peccary]

  5. says

    So long as they think it will come in the future,
    These vertebrates let down defenses today
    Well done, Dr. Myers; your disinformation
    Helps cephalopods get their plans under way!

  6. says

    I just realized something a bit embarrassing: if you click through PZ’s first link, to my blog, the current post is titled “a valentine from god”, which sounds so saccharine-sweet it might make you click back instantly to avoid damaging your pancreas.

    I just wanted to say, for those who don’t know me… it ain’t that sweet. There’s war, and dismemberment, and I am mean to a little old lady.

    Pesky vertebrates.

  7. PopeCoyote says

    #9 – cephalopod video – Wow – the end of the video where the octopus changes to match the reef is the very definition of “awe-some”. Such amazing creatures.

  8. sparkomatic says

    Who would have thought “squid” was a pejorative. This kind of sectarian infighting could pose a very real ans present danger to cephalopodism…that and nice garlic aioli with lemon…

  9. Newfie says

    I prefer Ryan’s Hope’s version to Hank Snow’s.

    I was going to link that Ryan’s Fancy version, but the volume is so low. I have a studio version of Ryan’s Fancy doing that song, but with Dermot singing it instead of Fergie, but I couldn’t find it on youtube. Great piece, has some small harp on it.

  10. Dahan says

    @ #3,

    If they could toss in Jessica Alba and a nice gree salad with a good red wine along with the junk food I’d welcome them even more. Sorry…

  11. ehobbit says

    That Plan may have been revealed, but we still have to wait two months to find out what the hell the cylons were doing on Battlestar Galactica

  12. says

    One advantage I can see as the Overlord-bearing waters lap around my feet (which will clearly be happening “soon” as I’m only c.100 metres from, and approximately level with, the Mediterranean as I type this) is it will be easier to catch the buggers for a meal. Shall we share recipes for our future Overlords?

  13. eddie says

    Not another use of ‘sinister’ as a pejorative (in Brownian’s link)!
    If it wasn’t for the xians associating the left hand with witchcraft, there’d be a whole lot more of us sinisters around, and the world would be a better place.

    I am hereby reclaiming the word.

  14. Sili says


    If I were you I’d be quick to pack up and flee town.

    The reptoids will arrive at your doorstep soon, now that you’ve revealed DA as one of them.