1. Kate says

    I was going to make a poe-ish statement about pre-born cuttlefish… but I got distracted by the cute. I’ll be “Awwwwwwwww”-ing all day now.

  2. Kate says

    Um, Nomen, the front is the bit with the eyes and the wee little tentacles. (At the bottom of the picture)

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! Lookit the widdle tentacles! SQUEEEEEEEE!

  3. Bone Oboe says

    Looks just the sort of thing Johnathan Hurt would definitely want to stay away from. Lest some little critter latch onto his face and shove it’s ovipositor down his throat. He’ll feel fine for a little while after he awakes from the brief coma…There may be some difficulties later, though.

  4. KI says

    I’m kinda reminded of the ending of “2001:A Space Odyssey”. Cue the music…dah dah dahhh DAH DAH boom boom boom boom boom boom boom.

  5. yorktank says

    I’m so glad today’s cephalopod is a cuttlefish. The other night my girlfriend asked what a cuttlefish was (she’s reading some sci-fi book about alien contact and the aliens’ eyes were described as being like those of cuttlefish). Anyway, she was positively stunned by my zeal in searching for images of cuttlefish to show her to the point that she thought I was being facetious.

    Also, I echo the sentiment that, as usual, Cuttlefish’s comment is pure win.

  6. says

    Sure he’s cute, until he’s spitting up saltwater into your face as you cuddle him through the wee hours of the morning.

    But it’s all worth it when we hear the exclamations as people get a good look at him in the stroller. To be truthful, though, some people say he looks less like me than that fellow in the aquarium…

    Glen D

  7. says

    Is it just me who sees the person on the skin of Number 6 with a star (the person is to the left while the person is on the right)? It’s a miracle, it’s one of the three wise men holding a plate of gold to enrich me. Very cool miracle! Gotta love those images that keep popping up; why just the other day I saw his noodley wholeness in the clouds but before I could get my video camera out he dissipated. Still it was a yummy visitation. ;-)

  8. llewelly says

    Don’t you heartless monsters know this is exactly what a baby looks like before it born!!! How can you evil atheists possibly want to abort such a beautiful creature!!!

  9. says

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