PZ Myers naked

It has come to this. I can’t get to my files on my laptop, my usual posting habits are disrupted, and site traffic is way down. I have to resort to a desperate ploy to regain your eyeballs. I know, it’s shameless, but this kind of thing sells, so until I can get my gadgets fully restored, I’m going to have to use my collection of nude action photos to keep your interest.

(Say…if I coupled this to donations for a new laptop, I could get rich, although the constant demands that I please stop might hurt my ego.)

Look! No computer! No video projector! No PowerPoint or Keynote! Just me and a chalkboard at UNK!


(Thanks to Brian Sivill of the Prairie Astronomy Club for catching me in flagrante.)


  1. mKaplan says

    Any specific problem with your laptop? or is the hardware definitively fried. Assuming the hard drive isn’t toast (and even if it is) there’s a chance of recovery. I’d be more than willing to lend a hand.

  2. E.V. says

    I’m going to have to use my collection of nude actio photos to keep your interest

    Are these in the mode of Eadweard Muybridge or a more erotic sensibility? Patricia wants to know…

  3. gazza says

    With your facial hair you could have been a good advert for ‘The Naked Ape’ as fact not fiction. A true Darwinian advert for the trueness of our ancestory…..

  4. AndrewN says

    If your site traffic is way down just because your laptop is broken then the only conclusion we can come to is most of the traffic here is caused by you :)

    As for the picture, it reminds me of my own school days when all the teacher had was a blackboard.

  5. Carl Troein says

    #2 mKaplan: you’d better make that a left hand. Unless the picture has been mirrored (and if so, what is gro.bmuhtsadnap?) P-Zed clearly has a right hand. Now a computer on the other hand…

  6. SteveM says

    It’s almost always sad when great electronic acts try to go all analog. acoustic.

    “analog” is still electronic.

  7. Sastra says

    I think I already saw you even more “naked” at the Communist bookstore in LA. You began the talk by encouraging people to interrupt and ask questions or make comments if they wanted — and we took you at your word! The place was filled both with its usual earnest Commie intellectuals AND us geeky pro-science secular humanist Pharyngula fans — so you should have known better. Each group likes to argue. Each group likes to hear itself talk. Each group feels a lot of pent up frustration over being marginalized by society.

    Yeah, it more or less turned into blog commentary section with active Monitor participant, and, as I recall, you pretty much threw away your notes and played it by ear. So not only wasn’t there a power point presentation, there wasn’t even a chalkboard — or a carefully prepared lecture plan.

    It was one of the best talks I’ve been to, btw. By anyone.

  8. Sastra says

    By the way, you should have vetted that photo before putting it out on the internet. If you look at the lower right hand corner, you will note that one of your tentacles escaped from your sleeve, and is showing.


  9. varlo says

    Wake me when you post nudies of both Schlaflys in bed with Donovan. A generous donation will follow.

  10. Notorious P.A.T. says

    Stay tuned for the next picture in the series, when Jenna Jameson, in a lab coat, knocks on the door and says “I heard you needed some help with your pointer!”

  11. Hairy Doctor Professor says

    It is the mark of a true professional teacher that he or she can adapt in real-time to changing classroom conditions. (I long ago learned the “Riddle of Steel” as applies to teaching: “No one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts, particularly computers and overhead projectors. This, this you can trust (hands adoring child a piece of chalk).”) Well done, Doc.

  12. Carlie says

    Pffft. There’s a cable attached to a mouse on the desk, clearly right next to you. That’s only mostly nude.

  13. Newfie says

    T-Shirt, dress shirt, sweater vest, and jacket.. and you’re indoors. I’d have thought a resident of Minnesota would be accustomed to cooler temperatures. How are you not sweating?

  14. llewelly says

    From your pre-talk post:

    I’m going to have to show the evidence through interpretive dance, epic poetry, and finger puppetry…

    I think some people were confused. I’ve already had three people who were at the talk tell me you gave a physical demonstration of cephalopod mating habits.

  15. says

    I warned you about going to Kearney. Well, to be more precise, I asked why you were going there, but . . .

    You look amazingly like a certain Professor Moriarty who at my college. Of course, he taught something useful — history.

    I also am old enough to remember when a slide projector being used in a classroom was considered high-tech multi-media.

  16. Confused says

    I was so sure this was leading up to cephalopod porn (it being friday and all).

    Then, cephalopods are naked all the time (except when they’re camoflaged, I suppose – sorta like mystique from the X-men), so it’d need to be hardcore cephalopod.

  17. Charles Minus says


    Seriously, if you are really too strapped to get a new laptop, I’d be happy to kick in a few bucks (emphasis on few) to help get you up and running. You’re worth it. But, I looked all over your website and found no way to make contributions. Maybe you can’t solicit donations for some reason. But if you asked, I’m sure your fans would be happy to help out here.

  18. Bart Mitchell says

    You know, if you want to make money for a new laptop, I had a great idea for a quick book you could put together.

    Since you ‘own’ all of the comments, you should collect all of the wonderful poetry that has been written in the comments section. A book of atheist poetry, commentary by PZ Myers.

    Id buy a copy.

  19. scooter says

    Steve @ 15: “analog” is still electronic.

    It’s also a book that priests keep in the rectory to keep track of the altered boys.

  20. bunnycatch3r says

    Yes, I see the problem with your laptop… it has a wire coming out of the top…hmm yep, looks like a video card issue.

  21. Interrobang says

    Mmm, tasty. I’ll have to send my friend (your “scary” Canadian groupie) over here; it’s the least I can do, having refrained from doing as she instructed me… :)

  22. says

    Damn Satan! Just as I sent you a story of a true miracle that would make you see the light, too! It was full of misspellings, was written in comic sans, and was multicolored. Surely had you seen it, you would be praising the Lord real hard about now.

    Alas! You’re still on the path to hell, and a spot on Survivor‘s next season.

    Must. Pray. Harder.
    You will haunt Google image search for years to come. Mothers looking for a picture online of “Mr.Octopus” for their five year-olds will inadvertently expose them to this sight.

  23. BeccaTheCyborg says

    Damn you for getting my lecherous hopes up. :(

    On the other hand, you do look delightfully professorial.

  24. ACM says

    I think we’re all ready to help with the laptop. I as well as many other people are willing to fix it. If not, I’m sure we’ll pool up resources for another. Let us know what you need. I’m sure you could auction off some sig’s or something, we’ll pay you to pander. Or is it the other way around?

  25. Bee says

    I’m sulking here – in your first laptop death post, you promised finger puppets. I see no finger puppets.

  26. gb says

    Sick Disgusting Pervert! PZ in the raw is simply not appropriate for any user of sophisticated computer electronics. Pull out that cell phone man. Have you no decency?

  27. Donnie B. says

    Hey, my laptop just died too, and nobody offered to chip in to buy me a new one! What am I doing wrong?

    That sure is a lonely-looking network cable. Seems like it’s sorta stiff with pent-up electrons or something.

  28. Architeuthis says


    I couldnt agree more, I cant actually believe I got butterflies in my stomach thinking, “omg, THE PZ Myers!” So many great people, such great times.

    In your next picture, you really need to be flailing around a LOT more, and it might help to have random cephalopod pictures on the blackboard.

    At least a tshirt that says “It’s a Frakkin’ cracker!”

  29. clinteas says


    The folks in Australia aren’t able to see that particular pic.

    Seeing it in all its glory here…
    And its in flagranti

  30. Jason says


    I was so happy when my ochem prof’s laptop died. Those lectures were so clear and clean and easy to understand!

  31. Ryan says

    If it is your hard drive that is fried or clicking or something similar I might be able to fix it. I’ve successfully repaired dozens of laptop hard drives by replacing some of the parts on them. I’d just need an identical hard drive for parts. Success rate is about 50% depending on which part of the drive went bad.

    Not sure if you’d want to trust a complete stranger on your blog over a reputable business that charges several hundreds of dollars though. I do have 3705 feedback on eBay if it helps (about 30 of it is from doing that sort of thing).

  32. jj says

    Send your laptop to me, I repair them daily! Both Mac’s and PC’s. Hardware and software issues. Although, if your motherboard is fried (integrated video, there aren’t video cards in laptops) then I’d charge for the part.

  33. firemancarl says

    Strange, I woulda sworn that by sacrificing babies to Cthulhu, that The Great One woudl make a new iMac appear in front of you. You must not be praying hard enough!

  34. Ryan says

    Never mind. I just saw your previous post. I used to work for NVIDIA but I can’t help you video problems.

  35. bernard quatermass says

    I am taking a course in Java programming at the local LEPU (Large, Extremely Prestigious University) & the professor uses a mix of projectors and blackboards that slide around (often using multicolored chalk).

    The PowerPoint slides utilize a lot of glitzy effects, but the overwhelming thing I often walk away from lectures with is … COMIC SANS.

    Yecch. It burns!

  36. says

    All who are offering to help him buy a new laptop: you realize, of course, that he will just buy another Apple? By utilizing an Apple for all these years, he has come to expect that his computer will actually work all of the time. I use a Dell Windows Vista machine. I know that it will fail at the worst possible moment and am thus always ready. These Mac users just assume the damn things will work.

    I’ll help, but only if he buys a Vista machine. That way, failure will be normal and expected.

  37. says

    Where are your elbow patches?
    “Homer, that’s supposed to be leather patches on a tweed jacket, not the other way around. You’ve ruined a perfectly good jacket!”
    “Correction, Marge. Two perfectly good jackets.”

  38. says

    Geez, PZ, how could you? Have you really sunk so low?

    I mean, using a picture taken of you by an astronomer? What will Phil say next time he sees you? The mockery will never end!!

  39. Peter Ashby says

    I had heard that infrastructure in the US was poor and failing but I am apalled at the continuing use of chalk. This dangerous substance exposes the lecturer and the audience to particulate air pollution. Ever since the latter stages of my undergrad in NZ in the late ’80s the university had changed to markers on white boards. i do not recall having even seen an old fashioned blackboard here in the UK. You guys have me deepest sympathy, I had no idea things were so primitive.

  40. Nerd of Redhead says

    I was so happy when my ochem prof’s laptop died. Those lectures were so clear and clean and easy to understand!

    Back when I taught introductory organic I always liked the classroom with three large blackboards in it. I would start from left to right and fill up the boards, and then erase the first one and start over. Since I had a lot of space, I would draw large. This had the advantage that the students always had a clear view of two of the boards, and it made it very easy to refer back to a concept if I hadn’t erased it. I don’t think PP is the way to go, with just a single screen. Just too confining.

  41. marty says

    I read that posting too quickly. So note my dissapointment that I wasn’t treated to your “collection of nude action figures.

  42. Sili says

    Hey. I’m only a coupla years outta uni and most of my lecturers used chalk.

    Particularly the mathemacians.

    One of our professors’s is supposedly ambidextrous, but I never saw him perform that particular showpiece. But he was hard enough to keep up with as it was.

    First year, in the biggest auditorium, six biiiiig blackboards with motorised elevation. Calculus class. Professor (renowned geometer) chats and writes away:


    Elevator wire has sprung, biiiiig blackboard crashes down and only doesn’t hit the professor because it gets wedged stuck, bending the rails outta place.

    Prof. goes “huh” and moves over to the next board.

  43. Yossarian says


    All these guys offering to repair your computer – Be Careful!

    They’re just after your extensive collection of cephalod porn.

  44. DiscoveredJoys says

    When I was a working stiff and had to do presentations I made sure that I had a thumbdrive (or floppy – remember them?) with my presentation on, as well as my laptop. You can pretty much guarantee that someone else has a computer you can borrow (although there is that MAC/PC compatibility thing to consider).

    If the presentation was really important (like a promotion or job interview) I took the presentation on overhead projection slides too.

    ‘Course I never looked as distinguished as you…

  45. Michael Fonda says

    Thanks to Brian Sivill of the Prairie Astronomy Club for catching me in flagrante.)

    Thank the great nonexistent spook in the sky that there ain’t no delecto!

  46. jj says

    @70 “I’ll help, but only if he buys a Vista machine. That way, failure will be normal and expected.”

    Screw getting a vista unit, you can still buy XP! Wait for Windows 7, and use XP or Linux<-- way cooler by the way. And you can be a self-proclaimed dork

  47. cicely says

    Should I be ashamed to admit that I am neither scandalized nor appalled? Well, they do say that we atheists can’t have morals….

    Bee @ 52:

    I’m sulking here – in your first laptop death post, you promised finger puppets. I see no finger puppets.

    I want to see the interpretive dance.

  48. Cardinal_Shrew says

    Clearly a warning shot from god to stop spreading Satan’s lies. Today it is your hard drive tomorrow…

  49. Cardinal_Shrew says

    You should see if any of the guest bloggers who helped you while you were in Ecuador would be willing to fill in while you deal with your technical difficulties.

  50. Ivor the Engine Driver says

    I’d like to help ya, but you’re one of them godless types. You know, a Mac user.

  51. Patricia says

    Oh PLEEZ, don’t get started with the naked action figures. The next thing you know Scooter will be showing pictures of his blow-up doll collection.

  52. John C. Randolph says

    No PowerPoint or Keynote!

    Ugh.. Did you have to remind me of PowerPoint?

    We used PowerPoint the first year I spoke at the Apple WWDC, and I was painfully reminded of why I avoided Microsoft products like the plague. The following year we got Keynote, and I was able to concentrate on the content of the talk, not on beating the slideshow software into submission.


  53. Sven DiMilo says

    Eh. I’ve seen nakeder.
    (OK, not recently, but I have! Really!)

    If you’d like to see PZ with a green beard, click here. It’s an interesting post to read, too.

  54. John C. Randolph says

    Oh, and PZ: if you want to buy a new Apple laptop, ping me on iChat (jcr at mac dot com). I’m sure I can find a former colleague who hasn’t used all of their friends & family discounts. There’s also the Qpromo, which has very good prices on machines that were refurbished or overstock.


  55. says


    Plan A:
    As has been mentioned in the comments to your previous post “booting into target disk mode” is trivially simple IF and ONLY IF your laptop supports it. If your laptop has a firewire port then it does support it. All you need is another Mac (desktop or laptop) with a firewire port and the firewire cable. A Linux machine can also mount it. I am not sure about Windows.

    Plan B:
    IF and ONLY IF you allow ssh to your laptop then you can simply connect the laptop to the local network via the ethernet port and ssh to the IP address of your laptop and then scp (secure copy) the necessary folder to another machine. Most Maccies don’t know how to do this because it is “command line” stuff (scary quotes for the Mac and Windows users.) You may need a Linux/Unix person to help you.
    Incidentally, for this reason (and others) that I set up all the Macs I administer to accept incoming ssh connections.

    Plan C:
    In order to avoid such inconveniences in the future simply copy the necessary folder to a USB thumb-drive. Then you will have a simple, portable backup of your presentation.

    Plan D:
    If your laptops graphics are totally hosed (not fixable by finger-origami) and your laptop does not support firewire, and you have ssh turned off, and you have no access to a guru that can boot the machine into console mode and navigate blind THEN the hard drive will have to be pulled. I don’t know what model Mac laptop you have but most of them have extremely inaccessible hard drives. You will need to send it someone who knows how to work on your particular model. Such experts are not often available even at an Apple Store but they do exist.

    Easy access to the hard drive is one of the few features that most PC based laptops have over Macs. Many of them are pullable even without any tools at all or all one needs is a small phillips head screwdriver and about 5 minutes to have it out and plugged into an adapter or another laptop.


  56. says

    @36 – Yes, Digital Cuttlefish should come out with their own book – their site is at digitalcuttlefish.blogspot. Perhaps they need to consider it for not-a-particularly-religious-person holiday date in December? I’ll go ask…

  57. says

    Lately, I’ve grown to like the idea of making my presentations as Web pages and paging through the slides as I go. That way, they’re accessible from anybody’s computer, and (in these days) fairly platform-independent.

  58. David Marjanović, OM says

    clinteas is right: in flagranti.

    John C. Randolph is officially an utter wimp. PowerPoint ALWAYS does EXACTLY what I want!!!eleventyone! (…Except occasionally when I’m giving a talk and find certain boxes have, without any warning, slipped with respect to the background picture. Ehem.)

  59. Polyester Mather D.D. says

    Never has the hand of God been more clearly manifest:

    Unto a cracker hath he transubstantiated thy hard-disc, and the bytes of thy video card unto crumbs of corruption, O son of woe, for thou hast partaken of the forbidden fruit of the Tree Of Macintosh.

  60. Patricia says

    Would one of you geeks please give #107 a big cyber kick in the ass. He’s really pathetic.

  61. Nerd of Redhead says

    Would one of you geeks please give #107 a big cyber kick in the ass. He’s really pathetic.

    We know, but this fool is a hit and run idiot. Phile means attraction, so he is attracted to pharyngula, but he seems to hate us. Either mixed signals, or an ignoramous.

  62. llewelly says

    What’s a “chalkboard”???

    A surface of painted wood – or occasionally slate – which is designed so one can write on it with sticks of chalk – yeah the mineral chalk, only refined. Rub the chalk on the chalk board and a white mark is left. Carefully placed by one who is trained in the ancient art of ‘writing’, these white marks can make up the shapes of letters, words, equations, and even pictures. Much like pixels, but not orderly, not as clean, not as pretty, and not as convenient. Given that chalk is a mineral – and slate a stone – you might ask, doesn’t that make a chalkboard a stone age technology? Yes. Although the mineral in question was red, yellow, or black iron oxides rather than white chalk, a very similar process was used to make the cave paintings as long ago as 40,000 BP.

    Although an ancient and noble art, the art of teaching with a chalkboard is today practiced only by a few paleoanthropologists and cavemen.

  63. Kapitano says

    Google gives the following number of hits:

    “PZ Myers” Nude – 10,000
    “PZ Myers” show penis – 5,090
    “PZ Myers” hot sex action – 3,040
    pharyngula “man on man” – 283
    pharyngula lesbian porn – 3,380

    All of which leaves only one question. Why did I just spend five minutes finding that out?

  64. Anonymous Coward says

    According to Adler:
    Participles in ans or ens have always ĕ in the ablative, when they are used as participles proper or as substantives; as, sole oriente, when the sun rises; infans, abl. infantĕ, the infant. But when used as adjectives, they have rather ī than ĕ.

    What does that mean? If you’re saying ‘in flagrante delicto’ [while the offence was blazing] you’re using it as a participle, so you get e. If you use *’in flagranti’ that’s either just short for the full phrase, or as [while blazing] which is hard to sell as an adjective, so either way in this case too e is acceptable.

  65. John C. Randolph says

    David #106,

    I’ve tried to blot it out, but that symptom you describe is one I remember.


  66. mayhempix says

    Maybe PZ should start a hirsute porn site.

    Posted by: Dirty Hairy | November 14, 2008 4:53 PM
    Mac people…*sigh*

    PC people… *clueless*

  67. BobbyEarle says

    I thought that chalk was only used by the CSI dudes.

    And that is a pretty good picture…except for the bits of baby and kitten in your beard.

  68. Janine ID AKA The Lone Drinker says

    Posted by: Kapitano | November 14, 2008

    pharyngula lesbian porn – 3,380

    Not once have I left lesbian porn on this site.

  69. Nerd of Redhead says

    Not once have I left lesbian porn on this site.

    You go girl, only cephalopod pron or nothing.

  70. Patricia says

    Janine, you lesbian slut! If it wasn’t you – then just who was it? And over 3,000 times. Now that’s down right brazen as a brass bull’s bollocks.

    Inquiring, and jealous minds want to know!

  71. Rallymodeller says

    Two words, P-Zed:


    Mine’s never broken down yet. And if it does, I just break out the my Curta “pepper-grinder” mechanical calculator. Granted, it’s REALLY hard to do any sort of graphics processing with the Curta, but in the end, like building your own house or such, the results are totally worth it.

    I’m getting tired pedalling my excercise-bike powered 486 now. Gotta go lie down…

  72. ggab says

    I was sound asleep, but I was awakened by a disturbance in the force.
    Did someone say something about lesbian porn?
    I have a sense for these things.

  73. says

    AndrewN, #9

    That’s right AndrewN, most of the people visiting here are sockpuppets of me. Brownian is a sockpuppet, Patricia is a sockpuppet. Kellogg is not only a sockpuppet, he’s also a troll I use when I’ve downed a few vodkas and watched a few videos of Light onto my Feet. I use you as a sockpuppet when I want to make fun of hardcore Odinite agnostics. Why, if it weren’t for all the sockpuppets I’ve created The Daily Kos would be a list of porn links hosted on a 1980s IBM in Turkmenistan.

    Next time, Patricia in a car topless. (Anybody know where I can find a convertible anywhere near Monroe?)

  74. Patricia says

    Alan – Now honey, you are delerious.
    I am not, and never have been a lowly, icky, sock puppet.

    Darlin, I am the most delicious strumpet this side of the Big Drop Candy Mountain.

  75. John Morales says

    Patricia @137,

    I am the most delicious strumpet this side of the Big Drop Candy Mountain.

    Well, your posts evoke a certain image

  76. Patricia says

    Mmmmm… now John that is close to my strumpety image… but think more on Mae West, and you have me.

  77. Patricia says

    ggab – See how you gents are – one whiff of lesbian porn and you go off leash.

    Do TRY to give poor Janine a break. Over 3000 hits, thats just got to be hard to deal with.

  78. mdh says

    “Sometimes I think that I might be a sock-puppet

    how do I tell?”

    Do you have googly eyes and smell terrible?

  79. says

    MY GOD!! MY EYES!!1!11!!

    Abusing a cracker was one thing, but this… this is completely beyond the bounds of decency. Incidents such as this should not take place in a civilized society, and I’m shocked – shocked, I tell you! – that you weren’t hauled away in pink furry handcuffs. What has our country come to?

    I hope the Apple store is able to restore you to some semblance of sanity before your behavior gets any more outrageous.

  80. says

    Any teacher worth his salt should be able to survive with his knowledge and a chalkboard/whiteboard easily. At least that’s what they told us in my teacher training… (Which I dropped out of, yeah, I know…)

  81. says

    I remember one time Erik Meijer came and gave a talk at my university – he started off by doing a powerpoint presentation, but as soon as the questions started he expressed his delight in having a chalkboard available (and to be able to write in Haskell notation, without loosing his audience).

    So, not only can a teacher survive with his knowledge and a chalkboard – some take a delight in being able to use it once in a while

  82. Stoic says

    I’ve got a really old Dell around here somewhere. It used to have Windows 98 on it but I did upgrade to Win2k. I loan it to you if you pay the shipping.

  83. says

    Here’s a little trick I’ve used with a bad graphics card on an old iBook, and it works long enough to make your “Time Machine” backup possible or transfer files you need. Flip your laptop over and massage the back of the machine as if you are trying to work the knots out of a trophy wife’s sore back muscle. I don’t know where the graphics card is located on a MacBook Pro, so you may have to experiment on several spots. The solder bead contacts that integrate the card with the motherboard can lose connectivity over time, and this technique can temporarily get you back up and running.

    Also, don’t screw around. This trick can have a very short life, and you need to have everything ready to rescue your data: Firewire cable, external drive or second Mac, diet coke, ham sandwich etc.

  84. Benjamin Franklin says

    Flip your laptop over and massage the back of the machine as if you are trying to work the knots out of a trophy wife’s sore back muscle. I don’t know where the graphics card is located on a MacBook Pro, so you may have to experiment on several spots.

    This implies that you know exactly where your computer’s G-spot is.

    If only your files could talk!

    Better stay away from those USB ports and Y-adapters.

  85. Crudely Wrott says

    PZ looks good in this pared down environment. He shows he is comfortable with the basic tools of teaching and when they are all he has, he just goes ahead and teaches.

    That indicates that his skills in oratory and exposition are sharp and that he is confident enough in his base knowledge to forge ahead without the need of clever gee-gaws.

    In addition, there is the slightly upward incline of the jaw, the restrained hand gesture and the thousand yard stare that just say, “Professor.”

    I just know that somewhere, Professor Irwin Corey is delighted.

  86. says

    As an aside, since PZ can’t blog about it, I’d like to let people know that the KKK in Kentucky were sued by a Native American boy that they beat up, aided by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and he has been awarded $2.5 million in damages. The SPLC hopes to bankrupt the KKK IN Kentucky.

    I hope that lots of others follow the example.

  87. Aquaria says

    The SPLC did bankrupt a Klan faction in Alabama, after some white-sheeted monsters lynched a young man in Mobile in 1981. SPLC won a $7 million award for the man’s mother. One of the “payments” to her came in the form of the Klan meeting hall near Tuscaloosa.

    The SPLC is one of my favorite choices for donations.

  88. says

    Dude…a chalkboard? Uggggh…get a whiteboard! Chalkboards are evil, with the chalk on the chalkboard sound and the dust and the eraser on the chalkboard sound…gives me the willies.

  89. John C. Randolph says


    Bankrupting a Klan organization is an interesting tactic, although I wonder whether the victim will be able to collect anything close to the amount awarded.

    As much as I despise J. Edgar Hoover for the many crimes he committed in his career, I do have to give him credit for making the KKK far weaker. His tactics of infiltrating agents and informants into the organization until they were unable to trust each other probably saved hundreds of lives since the 1960s.


  90. says

    I always get to PZ’s blog by typing his name into google. I noticed awhile ago that every time I did that, the second link would be for PZ Myers Naked.

    For some reason, this time I clicked =P

  91. Lizzie Larocque says

    Sr I s wht y’r syng. Althgh I thnk tht gng fr rfrbshd mbl phn s gd chc n r crrnt cnmc stch.