1. Luftritter says

    This is no surprise…

    Everything is a gift from god (just ask a christian)

    If it is not from god there is an easy solution: stoning.

  2. Lee Picton says

    Among the other topics: Christian BDSM

    I’ll bet if they work on it hard enough they will find a way to sanctify christian pedophilia.

  3. Brad D says

    Wow! I laughed my ass off at that site!
    All I can think of now is “Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If a sperm gets wasted, god gets quite irate.”

  4. speedwell says

    Hilarious site, parody with an earnestly innocent straight face, nearly pulled it off too. Hooray :D

  5. Dust says

    Gee, my Catholic upbringing consisted of “don’t touch anything-it’s nasty.” Could that of been wrong?!?

    Oh wait, this page if for Protestant Christians and other infidels…………..


  6. Flaky says

    The masturbation bit had me fooled too. But the part about anal sex is a bit too much for a christian.

  7. tresmal says

    Well, if that doesn’t bring the readers of this blog back to God, I don’t know what will. Off to “church”!
    btw it’s nice to see a little balance in the treatment of religion here. :)

  8. Bob Vogel says

    Anything that keeps prostate cancer at bay, I’m all for it at 52. Nice to see too its finally okay with god, despite my mother’s frequent spankings. (not lately)

  9. The Chimp's Raging Id says



    I may have to celebrate this gift god has generously bestowed upon us later…

  10. Sven DiMilo says

    Makin’ the scene with a magazine Bible opened to The Song of Solomon.
    (hey, remember magazines?)

  11. says

    Wow, this has been around for quite a while now. Usually googlehacks like that disappear fairly quickly, and I posted about this one on my fave message board ( several months ago now. Brilliant!

  12. Arb says

    But the part about anal sex is a bit too much for a christian.

    Don’t laugh – teenagers – especially ones with restricted fundamentalist upbringings, are turning more and more to anal and oral sex thinking it’s not “real” sex, therefore not prohibited. Nothing wrong per se with sex in all its forms, but health professionals are seeing more consequences of morally conflicted teens engaging in risky behaviours without condom use because they are thinking irrationally about their sexuality. I don’t have my sources handy but I’m sure I can come up with some if you’re interested.

    (Arb – also known as Arbutus Grove and Arbutus Bark. I just can’t decide on my on-line identity. sosume.)

  13. scooter says

    **** WARNING **** WARNING **** WARNING **** WARNING ****

    PZ, whatever you do with this gift from god, do NOT put a nail through it.

    I just choke mine when it’s being obnoxious.

  14. melior says

    International readers’ mileage (kilometerage?) may vary: “Gift” is German for poison.

  15. DLC says

    Q: what does an atheist call out during mid-orgasm?
    A: “ohh! Nothing! ”

    – Thanks folks,I’m here all week!