Randi in New York! Myers in Springfield!

New Yorkers: you really don’t want to miss the upcoming appearance by James Randi on 10 October. He’ll be at Rockefeller University that evening, and he’s always entertaining and fun.

The rest of the country will be getting a small consolation prize. If you can’t make it to NY, you can all go to Springfield, Missouri instead, where Richard Carrier and PZ Myers will be rockin’ the house with their godless stylings at MSU that weekend. I’ll post more details on that, later.


  1. Carlie says

    Springfield??? No. Way. Of course, I don’t live anywhere near there any more, hmpf.

    (Pssst – are you sure you’re not going to SMU? Or did they go and change the name again?)

  2. Carlie says

    [looks it up]

    Huh, they changed the name. Bastards. What’s wrong with a good regional-linked name, anyway?

  3. says

    MSU, huh? They only recently took that name to steal funds from the Tigers. You ought to come to my alma mater, the University of Missouri in lovely Columbia, Missouri. We have a better football team (Go Tigers!), and we have actual biology and evolutionary psychology departments. I think MSU is big into the Creationism.
    *blatant slander*
    Dr. Geery, anyone?
    Oh well, I’ll just hope you come to your senses and visit us soon too.

  4. Sven DiMilo says

    …had. As I have had. Good times. In Springfield. OK, once…one good time. I’ll just…shut up.

  5. dWhisper says

    Gasp! MSU? That’s about a two-hour drive away, but totally worth it. My alma matter, at that. And Google knows that place could use some good disruption. The stud-in-the-center-of-the-buckle-of-the-bible-belt there…


  6. Day says

    Gasp! MSU? That’s about 1.75 miles away, but totally worth it.

    Sven, thanks for the vote of confidence in our Biology Department. With responses like that from CtheD you’d guess that state appropriations have never been disbursed among multiple institutions.

    PZ, I can’t wait for you to visit. Now, details?

  7. Alligator says

    The bar for skepticism has just been raised. I sent my friend a link to the main page for NYC Skeptics and was surprised when he didn’t seem enthused. Said he was wary of any organization that advertised itself as a place for “like minded” people, regardless of the common thread.

    That’s right. He was skeptical of the skeptics organization.

  8. Quiet_Desperation says

    He was skeptical of the skeptics organization.

    Hell, I’ve been there for since my late teens once I saw how ideology-addled many skeptics were.

    Tell Randi if he rants on about spoon bending again, I’m coming over there to slap the concept of “relevancy” into him.

    It’s 2008! There is no spoon!

  9. Hairy Doctor Professor says

    Damn. For a brief joyous moment there I thought it read Springfield, Massachusetts, instead of Missouri. That one I could get to. So, when are you coming to New England?

  10. Sastra says

    I have never met Richard Carrier, or heard him speak — but I think he’s amazing (with apologies to Randi.) I love his stuff. I’ve read his book — twice — and incorporated his definition of ‘supernatural’ into my own arguments. The two of you together is likely to be brilliant.

    Dang. Carrier’s on my short list of People I Need to Go Hear At Least Once, and has been there for years. But I’m busy that weekend, even if I could get there.

    Someday. I will bide my time. But someday.


  11. says

    James Randi in Fresno. I am very skeptical of that. Why would he visit the god fearing, conservative backwater that is the San Joaquin Valley? I will believe it when I see him in person. I will consider the incredible improbability of it tomorrow morning while I am having breakfast.

  12. TCN says

    Excuse me, I’m trying to get html down.


    Nothing to see here, folks. (Unless it shows a link.)

  13. says

    R.C. Moore in #18: James Randi in Fresno. I am very skeptical of that. Why would he visit the god fearing, conservative backwater that is the San Joaquin Valley?

    Hell, I drove from Berkeley some years back to see Molly Ivins in Fresno. (swoon) If there were ever anything more dazzling than Molly in print, it was Molly in person: a six-foot redhead in a silk dress and cowboy boots.

  14. Lauren says

    YAY! I can’t wait for you to be here! WOOOO!

    MSU may suck balls sometimes, but is a mostly fun place to be. If you know the right people, anyway…

  15. azqaz says

    Well, I’ll be close on the 10th. I’ll be driving to KC. Mo, but that isn’t close enough to make it to the presentation. :(

  16. K. Signal Eingang says

    Little let-down over here, I thought maybe you were guesting on The Simpsons…

    (Is that show still on?)

  17. says

    RC Moore and Calladus:

    Sorry I missed out on the breakfast this morning. I am, however, looking forward to dining with him at the pre-lecture reception on campus this evening!

    And you failed to mention that we here in Fresno have the chance of tuning out of the dismal debate this evening and bask in something Amazing instead!!

  18. jpf says

    I had to share a strange website I just discovered. It’s off topic, although you could say that it has to do with skepticism and debunking of the credulous, like Randi engages in, so, um, yeah that’s my justification for posting it here…

    Museum of Idolatry

    It’s a blog of tacky, ridiculous examples of Christian excess — e.g., a hip-hop version of the Bible, a plush Jesus doll, and Bibleman: The Magazine (with a free secret decoder sword!)

    But here’s the wacky hook that makes this better than your average “let’s point and laugh at religious tack” site: it’s written by some True Believer Christian and the faults they find are all based on these things being part of “The Great Apostasy that is sweeping through today’s ‘Christianity'”. I’m pretty sure it’s not a Poe, but feel free to speculate wantonly.

    Example: Remember that story PZ linked to a while back on the uproar over Gospel Today magazine putting female pastors on its cover? Here’s their entire description of it:

    God forbids women from being pastors. The cover of Gospel Today should have read, “Rebellious and Heretical Women”.

    The comments are great too, full of people deploring other’s lack of “sound theology” while they themselves believe in insane bullshit.

    A wonderful site that works on two levels: laugh at the stuff posted and the people posting about it.