Radio reminder

At 9am Sunday on Atheists Talk radio, it’s me! I’ll be telling you all about My Summer Vacation, my trip to the Galápagos. Tune in and call in!

Afterwards, at 11, we’ll be meeting for brunch at Q. Cumbers — stop by if you’re in the area and say hello.


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    With 24.5 time zones around the world, why would it be important for PZ to accommodate all of his readers around the world? GMT is no longer relevant as Minnesota is now the center of the Atheist World, and the world needs to synch to us not the other way around.

    For streaming live, if you need a zip code you can borrow mine. “55112.”

    Please return it in the condition you found it.

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    Good questions for callers are:

    Just how sick were you when you came back?

    How much did you evolve while on the islands?

    How are the animals able to cohabitate without street preachers telling them what they should do?

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    Thing about Ron Reagan (the son) is that he remembers back to a time before the current wave of extreme anti-intellectualism hit the Republican Party. He’s about the same age as me and PZ, so he would have been in his late teens during the Nixon administration. By modern standards, Nixon was a “big government” President, what the right would call a liberal. He called for universal health insurance, introduced wage and price controls, all the things that the Reagan years later took off the electoral map. During his presidency religion was not as much an issue in politics, and beyond a tag saying the he was a Quaker there is nothing about religion or God or any of the social hot topics of later years.

    Unlike later Presidents, he didn’t have to pretend to be sympathetic to the religious loonies or share their views.

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    #8 addendum

    beyond a tag saying the he was a Quaker there is nothing about religion or God or any of the social hot topics of later years

    … in his Wikipedia article.

  5. JoJo says

    Considering that Nixon was a naval officer during World War II, he wore his Quakerism rather lightly.

  6. Mena says

    Thanks for the clarification, Tony Sidaway. I barely remember the Nixon presidency, other than watching the resignation and I remember hearing the term “Watergate” but never really understood what it meant since I was all of 5 years old when that happened.

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    Did any of you get to The General’s Page today? If not, get thee hence, thereupon to learn why, in fact, despite what certain deluded romantics seem to think, No, no puedes ustedes!” No, You Can’t!, and where ever it was you thought you could, the sky wasn’t EVER blue…A sobering read…The Ginr’l nails it in his customary, straightforward way.

    A taste:

    No, you can’t assume that we’ll ever tell the truth, the whole truth, or nothing but the truth, not even under oath (assuming you can get us there), and not even when the truth is clearly good enough to stand on its own. We’ll lie about little things like teleprompters and big things like our own records. We’ll even tell obvious lies because we don’t respect you enough to think you’ll notice or care. Lying well takes practice, and if we stop we might get sloppy — not that you’d notice anyway.

    It’s their utter contempt for even the niceties of simply pretending to be trying to conceal their depredations that worries me the most. They just do not give a fuck, anymore.