PZ & Greg’s Excellent Party…update

We have a date and time — Thursday, 18 September at 7pm. We have a rough location — somewhere in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. And most importantly, we have the will to party to celebrate the one millionth comment on scienceblogs.

We also have an excess of specific venue suggestions. Now we could do a gigantic pub crawl, but that would be unseemly…besides, that’s already scheduled for 18 October, when it’s time for the Zombie Pub Crawl 4: Spawn of Death. But I digress. We need you to vote to narrow down the choices. Greg has the list, read it and vote! It’s going to be the very best geek event in Minneapolis ever, at least until ZPC4:SoD.


  1. Bubba Sixpack says

    If you pass any of Sheriff Bob Fletcher’s rent-a-cops, say hello for me, and tell them where you think they really should be employed (gunless at a construction site). They just arrested several reporters, including Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!, for being impertinent enough to question the police about their behavior in arbitrarily arresting other people.

    They arrested her for “conspiracy to incite a riot”.

  2. says

    If you want to really party, you have to come to Baltimore. Our local beer, Natty-Boh, doubles as a pesticide that even organic food lovers consume.

  3. says

    The day of the event be sure to pick up a few local papers, dailies and weeklies alike. I’d like to see how far along the civil rights cases have gotten by then.

    And be sure to let folks know how to get a hold of your lawyer. Even if nobody else donates, I’ll do what I can to support your right to take photos of cops in action.

  4. Patricia says

    Oh come on PZ – you can get the prize winning comment easy. Threaten to desecrate something. Tell Bill Donahue that if he doesn’t pay you $100,000 you’ll shove a cracker up a pelicans arse.
    How about a holy book BBQ? Grill up the Book of Mormon, Koran, Bible, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Prose Eddas, Works and Days, The Golden Ass, Cosmic Trigger, Bible of the FSM, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Kama Sutra, etc. and offend everyone. Toss in a Garcia is dead bumper sticker and even the Deadheads will be offended. You can do it!

  5. Kitty says

    How nice of you to have a party on my birthday! Unfortunately it’s a bit far for me to attend – from Wales – but, believe me when I say I’ll be there in spirit, and wine and champagne.
    Oh, forgot about the time difference – I’ll probably have been put to bed before you even get started.
    Well, you don’t turn 60 every day do you?

  6. Paul says

    Remember, not all of us are alcoholics
    Remember, not all people who go to bars are not alcoholics.

  7. Deepsix says

    I’d like to take this time to congratulate the other members of Scienceblogs for their combined contribution of 10,000 comments.