1. Alcari says

    awwww, having your 2nd birthday picture posted online for the whole world to see. The birthday present every girl dreams of ;)


  2. says

    Om nom nom nom…

    Happy birthday, Skatje. And remember, you can now be charged as an adult, and you can finally tell off your stodgy, old father.

    Have a good one, and enjoy the cake!

  3. says

    That means that PZ is officially old if his baby is now a legal adult.

    And I’m older than PZ … ye gods!

  4. Claudia says

    That is quite possibly the cutest pic of all time (excluding pics of my own child, of course)! Happy Birthday, Skatje!

  5. says

    Her “about” says she’s a junior in college…and at 18? Wow. Smart kid.

    She’s taking some great classes. I majored in CS and minored in math also. Ahh…I miss those days!

  6. JoJo says

    Happy natal day to you,
    Happy natal day to you,
    Happy day of birth, dear Skatje,
    Happy natal day to you.

  7. cassandraclaire says

    Happy birthday to Skatje, and –fun coincidence– it’s my 18th too! (but I don’t think my baby pictures are nearly as cute… or public, thank goodness)

  8. Louis says

    Happy birthday Skatje!

    18 is legal drinking age in the UK, so pop on over for a pint or two between classes.


  9. AllanW says

    I second the proposal in message #27. Come on over here at the end of October for Richards valedictory lecture and we’ll invite you to the get-together we’re having afterwards; you can have a drink legally at the champagne reception!

  10. deadman_932 says

    Congrats on the 18 solar circumnavigations.

    I’m sure you can find a compromising pic of ol’ dad to post in revenge. I encourage this.

  11. Ichthyic says

    happy bday, Skatje!

    I can hardly remember being 18 any more – hope you enjoy your 18th immensely!

    …and, long time no see, deadman!

    We have a lot of catching up to do.
    I’ll shoot you an email this evening.

  12. Nicole TWN says

    *dies of Teh Kyoot*

    Happy birthday Skatje! Adulthood doesn’t suck as badly as you might think. There’s some nice perks–the toys, for instance, are WAY better.

  13. Steve_C says

    Happy Birthday Skatje!

    You’re off to a good start. Helps having fairly rational parents. Even if the do insist on posting cute and possibly embarrassing kid photos.

  14. Bride of Shrek OM says

    Happy Birthday,

    I too can hardly remmerb being 18 anymore but that probably more to do with the fact that 18 is legal to drink here and my diet was basically 12% alcohol for for the first six months. Of course that has changed as I got older and more mature……..;-)

  15. Tom says

    I must warn you of something that many dads experience. When your oldest (or youngest) child turns 18, you become acutely aware of how time has passed so quickly.

  16. Paul says

    keep up the good work – my kids have a number of diabetic friends – and anything that can help is fantastic – this is my first post here but won’t be be the the last -keep the the science alive – not the wooooooooo

  17. says

    I’ve only been following your blog for a year, PZ, but that’s long enough to pick up that you and yours are good people. So, Happy Birthday, Skatje, and have a wonderful time at university! (PZ, enjoy the silence. ;-))

    And happy birthday to you, bob, too.

  18. Geoff says

    I hated it when my parents showed pictures of me as a young child, PZ really shouldn’t. I expect you will get over it. Best wishes for every success at U.

  19. asdfsf says

    “Guess-” shouldn’t have a question mark unless you’re expecting a yes or no answer.

  20. Longtime Lurker says

    Eighteen years old… two X chromosomes…

    Just in time to vote for Sarah Palin!

    Here’s wishing you a happy birthday, but remember-


    Can’t believe nobody else said it.

  21. says

    L-e-g-a-l! Then again, after the Catholic cracker debacle, PZ doesn’t seem like the kind of guy I would cross swords with! Doh!

  22. says

    Wow, what a coincidence, today’s my birthday, too! Alas, it’s my 30th, not 18th. Still, nice to know I share my birthday with good company. :-)

  23. Samantha Vimes says

    I second what Alan Kellogg says. Skatje, you need an aging potion. ;)

    Happy birthday!

  24. Billy says

    Holy crap! 18 years old and already a junior in college!
    Next month ill be 18 and back for my final round of Highschool :(

    btw Skatje- awesome domain name

  25. RebekahD says

    Happy birthday a day late, Skatje! Be sure to thank your mother for holding out for one more day so you wouldn’t have to share a birthday with Michael Jackson and John McCain! Or perhaps you were already brilliant in the womb and made that choice yourself!

  26. DLC says

    Congratulations on adding another year to your total, and best wishes for many additional years to come.

  27. says

    @ 26:

    Congrats to the Dad who raised such a fine daughter.

    I’ll see you the Dad and raise you the Trophy Wife.

    Congratulations to the Myers family. I wish I’d had my stuff together when I was that age…or now.

    Remember Skatje, your parents still probably have embarrassing pictures lying around, too. Enjoy.

  28. Julius says

    Now, in any civilised country she’d get severely sloshed and then spend her first day as an 18-year-old nursing her first legal hangover…

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your soft drinks!